February 10, 2011


It sounded like we all just got punkd. Like dbanj paid genevieve to act like they were an item. How? The N2million dbanj paid popular actress and model, genevieve to feature on his 'fall in love' video must have covered the gimmick. It all started when genny and dbanj kissed on the set of fall in love video that brought about several reactions among their fnas. They were spotted together at psquare's birthday party which caught the attention of many. Later, dbanj went ahead to tell the pressmen that they were both an item, which almost annoyed genny (like dbanj went too far).
Genny almost cleared many people's doubt when she tactfully addressed the rumour that she is in a relationship with dbanj on teju baby face show, calling dbanj a man with a good heart (genny's kind of man). Until lately when rumour of genevieve getting pregnant for dbanj was flying around on gossip blogs, twitter, facebook annoyed genny.
According to societynowng, close friends of genevieve disclosed that she will be pulling out of the publicity gimmick, a game she's been playing alongside dbanj as she thinks its tarnishing her reputable image while it favours the kokomaster, dbanj.


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