February 22, 2011


This movie brings back Jenifa's brand of humour in another hilarious style. Tells the funny tale of 5 village guys who pretended to be a girl to vie for a catchy price they couldn't resist in a beauty pageant. The hilarious movie focused on what these guys went through disguising as a woman,i mean the cat walk, sexy body and voice displayed by these gays. Fantastic movie with talented casts, overwhelmed by Femi Adebayo, Odunlade Adekola muyiwa ademola's roles in the movie. Inclusion of funke akindele, baba wande helps this movie attain universal appeal (trusted for making good hilarious movies), but dont be carried away, funke played a minor role in the movie. The movie centered on a village boy named jelili who is known with this bad habit of farting (with smoke coming out of his ass) in public and other stupid acts that made some village people rebuke him. Jelili somewhat like jenifa has this big chance of going outside the village to overseas this time and not the city like jenifa provided he wins a competition. And it ended up that Jelili dreamt that he won the competition as he was taken abroad, but unfortunately, he messed up during a meeting with some white men....Jelili got over the dream, coming back to life noticing he has wet the bed with urine in his sleep...the movie has many humorous scenes that will keep you laughing from start to the end
Just rushed this, will be making a full review later.



  1. It's a big lie,pls...Jenifa is d best,pls


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