February 4, 2011

INTERVIEW WITH RAPPER A-Q: He declares 'I don't have a relationship with Ruggedman'

Born Gilbert Bani, the rap crooner who is an alumnus of the kings college,
Lagos, and a graduate of the University of Lagos answers questions bothering on his musical career, the music industry and much more in this Short Interview.

When and how did you start music?

I started music since when last I can remember but if memory serves me right I've been doing this since i was 12. I recorded my first song in a dj's studio over Red mans' the goodness instrumental the tittle of the track was LIKE THIS...

What were your early musical influences?

My early influences were mainly most hip-hop songs produced in the early 90s ranging
from biggie, Tupac, Red and Meth, Big pun, Nas, Moobdeep, Jayz, Rakim and Eminem.

With your blunt lines and all, whats your relationship with other rappers?

I guess my relationship with other rappers is alright even though some of them dislike me but its alright its all love on the long run"

The rap act who was first noticed for the track (W)RAP Nigeria with the video released in 2003 said "it was the single for my 1st underground lp LISTEN AND OVERSTAND"

How has the journey been from then till now?Do you see yourself as a controversial act?

The journey has been very hectic with finance and industry politicts being the major problems,
and no i wont say i am controversial.

Why did you decide to release an EP for free download in 2009?

I put LOVE AND MONEY online in 2009, cos it was recorded in 2004/2005 but due to a lot of problems so I could not put it out as an album then, the songs had become very old and the quality could not match recent stuff so i put it out as a mixtape in 2009.

Talking about industry politics do you feel there is a form of segregation by radio stations?
and whats your relationship with the Nigerian Dj's?

Well i don't know if there is segregation in radio stations I only know two things ; first is that there are sincerely OAPs that would play a song provided the quaility is good e.g. Hnic DrGee , Bigtyme and Chris Razor and the 2nd is if you got money to spare your song would get played i guess my relationship with djs is alright...

We have seen remarkable collaborations amongst Nigerian acts in recent times, Which
artistes would you love to collaborate with in the nearest future?

I would love to collaborate with a lot but right now i'm looking at Duncan 'wene' Mighty ,eLDee tha Don and Tiwa Savage.

How did you arrive at Your chemistry with XTRIM?

XTRIM has a voice like no other plus he is able to blend into anything he can be doing hip-hop tracks at on time and next can transform to the deepest soul track and before you know it he is dropping some heavy Nigerian commercial track so i would say he finds the chemistry not me.

Aftermath of names, did you receive any 'coarse' reaction from any of the rappers you mentioned?

After i did names I heard rumors but i took non of them seriously.

In one of his black friday freestyle he kicked some subliminal mentioning Ruggedman .When asked, Whats your relationship with ruggedman? his rather blunt response was: "I don't have a relationship with Ruggedman.

Whats your opinion about the music industry as it is now?
I think the nigerian music industry is growing fast we just need to take care of piracy and create more avenues for artiste to get royalties e.g. through radio and video rotation.

Do you want to earn yourself that tag ; 'the controversial rapper'? you already earned it though,
but is it a deliberate attempt? I mean with all the name calling thingy..

I still dont think i am controversial i just say what i see

Which other rappers are you really feeling right now ?

Jay Cole and Cory Gunz..

To end the interview I played the one out of two game with him..

Facebook or Twitter?

I think face book impacts more

High life or Fuji?

I would go for high life

Mode Nine or MI?
cant pick any so i would say none

Tight hook or Hot beat?
i would always go for a hot beat

Me:thanks for the time out...

hope i have answered all your questions diligently, do enjoy what is left of the weekend


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  1. Nice dude's got talent...big ups A-Q


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