March 19, 2011


RISE is a youth social enterprise led by young entrepreneur Toyosi Akerele.
Dbanj has been heavily critised on twitter by colleagues and other nigerians for accepting to "stage" an interview with the president.
Below is the letter by RISE

We the people form the Nation, not Dbanj nor GEJ! DO SOMETHING ABOUT YOUR ANGER and LET DBANJ KNOW HE BETRAYED OUR GENERATION though he'll call it Business! Tufiakwa! In a civilised Environment where the citizenry can draw a line between activism and action, where they are truly frustrated with consistent Vision-less and oppressive Leadership, where they are not making excuses for the worst of the pack just on the basis of sentiment, where the Youth, the bedrock of the nation cannot be taken on a wild goose chase and be flagrantly insulted by an over-ambitious young Man whose only obsession is to sing about his Sexuality with meaningless Cacophonic Sounds (Dbanj), people will revolt! What does that Boy know about Education, Employment, Exploitation.
I imagine Usher interviewing Obama in America where 25year Old Mark Zukerberg created Facebook? Let them spend their N200m on the Concerts but LET NIGERIAN YOUTH ENSURE THEIR VENUES are empty so Dbanj can perform for only P-Square and Naeto C! Let Dbanj release a new album and let's leave it to waste in Alaba! Imagine if we don't buy his CDs for the next one Year! Are we not the ones that made him a Star before GEJ noticed him! Odo to ba gbagbe Orisun e, aa gbe! Awon eeyan lasan ikeji aja! Won wo won ni awosunkun, awon n wo ara won ni aworerin!
CRAP!!!! Ojulowo Ijoba la n fe ke, awa o fe iranu! And YOU shld forward this ASAP!

Lmao.. Dbanj don enter wahala o... RISE is currently hosting a tv programme on Channels tv tagged " nigeria's 2011 election showdown - youth decide" from march 14 to april 22 at 3:15pm.



  1. The guy too dey show himself jare.

  2. God purnish everyone of you wey dey criticize Dbanj even you this jimmy or mimmy sonde,everybody in this whole wide world wants a way to put the food on the table,he has the right to choose who ever he wants to become the president,same as everybody,so why not do something wiv your time instead of criticizing the lord's choosen....this is mare beef and God knows you...peace is what we want not violence like you are trying to put up..

  3. Toyosi Akerele u dey craze bcos the guy know allow u d opportunity to meet mr president........u be theif, we all know dbanj na how many pple sabi u............. ole ole ole ole...............u better remove that crap u posted i hate and u don dey curse all ya generation for yabin DAPO OYEBANJO.I even hear say u dey speak grammar well well,
    why u come dey vex. My advice for u if u still dey vex; is to go nd kill yaself by jumping into lagoon or make u go hold transformer. BITCH, i dey expect ur comment TOYOSI AKERELE.DBANJ FOR LIVE!!!!!!!

  4. don't mind them celebrity activists.....

    toyosi akerele,jude chide onwo and the rest of the useless so called youth activists only do their activism on twitter,Facebook they go round the world america,europe claiming to represent nigerian youths and being lodged in five star hotels but check out their organisations and they are not doing much for the nigerian youths.

    the only youth you will see them hob nobing with are already successful youths,never the poor,disillusioned youths under ikeja bridge!
    useless people!!!!she is as guilty as dbanj is when she had the chance to confront gem in ask rock why didn't she face him?


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