April 9, 2011

Toni Payne Finally Opened Up About Her Failed Marriage With 9ice

Toni payne finally opened up in an interview with city people after keeping mum for months. And her story was similar to that of mashonda (swizz beatz baby mama) who filed for divorce following swizz beatz's extra-marital affair with alicia keys. I think, city people should try and get 9ice for an interview so we can know the other side of the story
Excerpts from the interview she had with city people

Rumor has it that 9ice went into that affair
because you went into a new relationship, how true is
Toni: That is not true, he h
as been in that relationship
before we separated. In fact the day I found out about
it, I confronted her over the phone and she reported
me to him. He came to fight me because of that and
later called his parents (Alhaji Azeez Akande, Tawa
Oshodi) to come and pack me and my son out of the
Some ave alleged dat she was d one who broke ur
marriage. Is this true?
Toni: yes she was the main reason along with issues
with his family. All that ruggedman story was
rubbish, I'm not even attracted to ruggedman cos he
is like a brother to me. Aside that, his manager was
feeding his parents false stories about me cos he
wanted me out of the picture cos he thot I wanted his
job and also his brother Dr Wale Akande convinced
them I was after his property because I stopped d
brother from continuing with building our house after
noticing some monies where unaccounted for. Mind
you I met my husband when he was struggling, none
of his family members sent him then. We were
staying in my family house and his apt with Jahbless
in Ikorodu and I loved him regardless, so what
property could I have been after? I toiled night and
day with him so why would I want to cheat him. The
parents would come to the house to fight me, yelling
curses, trying to frustrate me out of the house, the
mother tore my dress one day and I ran for mine and
my sons safety. This caused a lot of tension in our
relationship but instead of him to stand by me he ran
to another woman.

What was ur reaction to the twins news wen you
heard it? Were u angry? Did u call him to ask about
that news of a woman having a child for him?

Toni: Yes I was understandably angry because from day
1 he knows I don't want polygamy for my children if I
can avoid it and also cos I felt he shud have divorced
me first and married her before engaging in such.
Like what example is he setting for his son. Lastly I
felt if he would impregnate anyone it should not be
the woman who broke our home.

Why have u been quiet all this while about your
marriage break up?

Toni: I tried very hard to protect him even when people
rubbished me. I never said OK he was the one who
messed up because I felt he would be wise and
consider my sons interest, when taking life changing
decisions that could affect Zion. A part of me wanted
to believe he would never put his own bloods future
at stake for cheap thrills. I changed my mind about
talking when I read a recent paper and noticed his
manager was already trying to twist things to make
it look like he moved on and got someone pregnant
cos I'm engaged, I'm NOT engaged, so I just felt
enough is enough, I don't know why they must
always bring my name up to justify their mistakes. I
had to ask myself, Why am I protecting a man who
continues to make me look bad to protect himself. I
felt it was time to be true to myself and quit
deceiving myself that he will soon feel remorse for
his actions.

Was it because you wanted reconciliation?

Toni: No, I just felt I should protect him because I guess a stupid part of me still loved him and felt he would come to his senses and at least do right by my son
even if we never reconcile. At d end of the day I'm human and have emotions too, guess I never predicted things would get this bad.

For the very 1st time, can you tell me what broke
your marriage?

Toni: Simple: 3 things broke my marriage: His family's
interference, His Manager's interference and His
affair with Vicky Godis

Whose fault, your or his fault?

Toni: I can't say I was perfect, but I NEVER cheated on
him. I was pregnant and later nursing the entire time
we were married. Also, before I got married I knew
what being loyal is, I also knew there is no way I
would ever cheat on my husband. Its not my way.
Yeah I would get angry when he cheated on me, I felt
it was a normal reaction when you love someone and
they are doing things to hurt you but still I never left
him. The separation was not my idea. My son was 11
months old, a week before his 1st birthday, his
parents threw us out. My son spent his birthday in a
hotel. I was sitting in my house when his parents
came, they packed my things and my sons things
into my car, I have pictures I took as evidence and I
drove off with my son to a friends hotel in VI where I
stayed for 3 weeks. Meanwhile he was with Vicky in
Abuja while it was happening.

Is it true you have asked for Divorce

Toni: Yes, I have. He is yet to file. If he is so sure he
doesn't want to be married he should have no
problems divorcing me. Allow me move on and give
my son a family life he deserves.


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  1. Wow! Nice one, eye-opening! I concur to the idea of 9ice coming to explain his own side of the story. Well done Jimmy! U are great


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