July 31, 2011

Its All Over! Nigeria's Karen And Zimbabwe's Wendall Win Big Brother Amplified [PICS]

karen and wendall
Its been 91 days of enterntainment if you ask me. So what many BBA fans had speculated finally came through after IK announced Karen Igho with wendall parson the winners. Oh! Luclay who many tipped as one of the possible winners came third.
At first, Vinna and Hanni got evicted, followed by Lomwe, and Sharon O. And the prize winners were among these three; Luclay, Karen, and Wendall.
If you ask karen and Wendall, battling it out among 24 (intelligent, smart, brainy, annoying and more) housemates is no joke at all. The third consecutive big brother win for Nigeria...Cheers!!! Karen takes home $200,000, and Wendall too has his own $200,000.

What all the housemates never knew until now is the fact that Big brother doubled up the prize of Big brother amplified winner(s) while unvieling two winners.
And if u still think Karen doesn't deserve the crown, then you should read a nice piece Dele Momodu about karen, I posted it earlier.
Cheers once again...Naija rocks!! Big ups to zimbabwe too

Check out how Africa voted the contestants

Karen: 6 country votes – Nigeria, Angola, Rest of Africa, Ghana, Mozambique, Tanzania
Wendall: 4 country votes – Zambia, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Kenya
Luclay: 2 country votes – South Africa, Botswana
Lomwe: 1 country vote – Malawi
Sharon O: 1 country vote – Uganda
Hanni: 1 country vote – Ethiopia
Vina: 0 Country Votes

kendra to Karen 'Can't just resist touching that boob'
But wait, Vina never won in any country??
 Check Out More Pictures After The Cut

oh! Karen's tears of joy

Wendall and Vina
 Karen overly excited with mum
Vina and Kendra
Kendra and Luclay


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  1. Vina is a bitch..how dare her fight our karen. So happy for karen o


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