July 19, 2011

Jimmy Chats With Weza Of Big Brother Amplified

So I got Angolan BBA contestant, Weza Solange Da Silva who was evicted alongside Alex and Miss P sometimes ago to talk about big brother amplified and housemates. Yh! We gossiped about them..lol
In the chat, Weza talked about her regret, lesson, and others.
Ok first, Weza told me how bad she felt when she saw her nude pictures all over the internet. Her manager told me she wept for a whole day.
Many listed her among the smartest girl in the house. The 26 years old contestant is a TV presenter on Channel O and also a model.

Jimmy: Tell me few things you learnt while in BB house?
Weza: i learned how to listen to other people's views & options(not easy),
deal with different cultures & personalities etc
Jimmy: Tell me something about the show that fans don't realize?
Weza: Things are not what they seem,f even though its LIVE, a lot of things don't get shown, so certain "conversations" are 1 sided etc. So don't believe everything u see. Situations are exaggerated for pure entertainment.
Jimmy: Who do you tip as your BBA winner?
Weza: Karen and Luclay
Jimmy: Who are you missing right now in the house?
Weza: Hanni
Jimmy: Was the relationship between you and Alex genuine?
Weza: It was a friendship, nothing else
Jimmy: We gonna play a simple game now, it goes like this; you describe the housemates listed below with some couple of  words
Weza: Luclay: Crazy and Unpredictable but a real sweetheart once u get to know him
-Karen: Gangster, she says it like it is but very sensitive too
-Alex: A go getter, hard worker, knows how to play the game
-Vina: Sweet girl, didn't get to know her very well
-Zimbai: Intelligent, a real game player
-Confidence: Her name say's it all, a true Diva, mature, classy, "in your face".
Jimmy: Tell me What was it like having fans and haters after bba ?
Weza: Not surprising, i expected it! I was a public figure before going into
the house, so im used to dealing with fans/haters(its just on a bigger
level now)
Jimmy: When you got out of the house, tell me the first thing you did?
Weza: Talked to my family then went to the club and ordered REAL CHAMPAGNE
Jimmy: What are you most looking forward to see in the BBA house?
Weza: The Housemates, most def!
Jimmy: If you were asked to give somebody an advice about BBA, what will you say?
Weza: Think twice, its an emotional roller coaster and definitely NOT for
everybody, consider the consequences of being in such a show.
Jimmy: Would you like to come for BBA again if you had the chance?
Weza: NO. I came, i saw, i conquered, im over it!
Jimmy: Want to know if you had a strategy in mind before coming to the BB house?
Weza: Unfortunately i didn't, which was pretty stupid and naive, i
definitely advice whoever is thinking of being on bb to think of a
strategy and STICK TO IT.
Jimmy: Was what we saw out of you always in the house the real you?
Weza: 80% ME. 20% GAME



  1. Wow! I love weza. Muah muah muah. Extend my kissed to her Jimmy


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