July 28, 2011

Nigeria Hosts Semi-Final Judging Of Emmy Awards

7 Nigerian judges (who are TV and movie professionals) have been selected for the semi final stage of the 39th edition of emmy awards. They will be deciding on the 9 names that made the semi-final of Emmy awards. The Semi final judging holds on 29 august in abuja.
Report has it that no Nigerian movie producer submitted their works for nominations.
In case you don't know, is a television production award equivalent to grammy awards (music) and oscar (movies). And there are three rounds of judging the emmy award winners. The preliminary stage, semi-final stage and the finals that holds in September. With four nominees selected in each category, the winners
are revealed at the International Emmy Awards Gala, held in November.
Ghana is another african country that hosted the semi-final. It was hosted in Ghana on teusday (July 26).


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  1. But we don dey get better movies of recent na...oh ye producers of little faith


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