July 24, 2011

Wtf?? Don Jazzy Wears His Pajama Pants Everywhere!

feeling cool on pj??
Oh! Now I can authoritatively tell you, don Jazzy is not only sick beat wise, but also when it comes to dressing.
That's him In a before-bed look putting on Fanta T-shirt paired with 'Coca-cola' print PJ pants. Lol

T-shirts and pyjamas with a palm slippers on. Don Jazzy keeping it ordinary!! Or he's just trying out fashionable new look. I could remember some days back, He was sighted in a London club wearing Pyjamas.
I think its just the new craze out there. Don Jazzy is just embracing new fashion trend, you know how people look up to celebs for fashion inspiration. I learnt some people in north America now rock Pyjamas in public.
But, seriously, I'm not buying the idea, it makes you look like you too lazy to get dressed or like you overslept. But they are made in such a way that are not intended in the public.


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  1. I live in the fashion capital of the US and no one is rocking Pjs in the streets. Pjs in public is something that college kids wear for early morning classes, it is not a fad that will catch on here...ever.


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