August 30, 2011

Omg! Story: Bitter Confessions Of A 13-Year-Old Enslaved Girl '8 Men Slept With Me Daily'

This happened Somewhere in Sango Ota, Ogun State. This is pathetic. Tears rolling down my eyes while posting this.
One heartless sex trafficker called Rosemary forced a 13 year old virgin Into sexual slavery. The innocent young girl whose name wasn't disclosed was abducted by Rosemary, who sells clothes to the young girl's mother. The 13 year old girl abducted from her home and was coerced into prostitution; plunged into a nightmare of brutal sex attack for almost a month. Interestingly, the abductor in disguise joined the mother in looking for the missing daughter. Rosemary was BURSTED and arrested after the girl was found among the prostitutes arrested by the Police.

This rosemary should receive the longest sentence for human trafficking. Like what d hell??! She just ruined a little innocent life.

Here is the bitter confession of the enslaved young girl.
"I was coming from home to my mother's shop at U-Turn Abule-Egba area where she sells food and I ran into a woman, sister Rosemary, who normally sold clothes to my mother and she told me to follow her. I obeyed because I know her....She then took me into a bus and we arrived at a hotel in Sango where she introduced me to two men called Fatai Akoko and Olori-Ebi. And immediately she gave me a key to a room which was dirty and smelling and she put a wig on my head, which she said was to make me look older...On my first day at the hotel, Alhaji Mallam deflowered me and before he did it I struggled with him but he overpowered me. I went through hell. After having sex with him, much blood was coming out of my private part and I
quickly came out of the room to call Aunty Rosemary and she went out and brought a white handkerchief which she used in cleaning the blood...Eight men slept with me everyday. They paid me N800 each and those who slept with me
over night paid N1,500 each"



  1. This is pure wickedness. I think her mother is also careless too. This Rosemary should be jailed for life

  2. so unfortunate and also very sad, i can just imagine the trauma the girl was made to go through, gosh 8 men on top of a girl at just N800 , how inhuman and low can people be,even if she is matured body wise or not showing her age, the silly peverts sleeping with her dont they have conscience that what they are doing is wrong?God punish them all, cos they must have inflicted all sorts of disease into her body now.
    i dont think the mother is careless, because at times we tend to trust people too much and they end up betraying us thats the case of the mother and the abductor(Rosemary)
    unfortunately am sure she is not new to this sort of thing and might go scot free again after spending few days in police custody

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