August 18, 2011

Shameless Hoes! UNILAG Girls Fights On Twitter, Revealing Their Dirty Secrets

Some female Students of University Of Lagos got their claws out in a flurry of insults, accusations tossed back and forth, on twitter two days ago, so early this morning. The gals in the fight were revealing some dirty secrets about one another.
Although, this is not new in a school like Unilag where girls fight over big men, and do all sort of dirty things. But just so surprising that these 'student' hoes could start the whole shameless fight on popular social media site like twitter.

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Ok bye bye. Now playing let dem hoes fight - lady gaga

Picture source: Amebor



  1. These unilag babes are indeed jobless.How can they display such stupidity in public? Up to the extent of denting d Okoya name in their lousy quarrel.I dnt even blame dem.If married men stay faithful to their wives & stop constituting nuisance with younger girls old enouf 2 be their kids.God help us ☺!

  2. I must say that i am completely shocked at the daftness of these girls can Ą̸̸̸ man from Ą̸̸̸ reputable background even be rollin with chics like these who derive pleasure in scandalizing demselves?Its so appauling 4real.pussy,prick,sperm,fuck and all sorts of vulgar words on Ą̸̸̸ social networking site? The peeps runnin dat Twitter site shld ban dem 4rm using that site for irresponsible and idle talks.

  3. it's such a pity but can you blame them when it's the decadent society we live in that that promotes infidelity amongst men and worships money. they are just victims of the society that we live in. Morally corrupt and emotionally dead. i have heard stories in UNILAG of girls that killed each other because they were sleeping with the same man who happened to be married.

  4. i'm sorry but i beg to disagree rita. these girlks are grown ass women who are old enough to make their decisions. Let's stop trying to make excuses for foolish behaviour. No one can make you do what you dont want to do.

  5. am seriously startin' 2 wonder about the kind of youth comin' up in this modern society instead of investing their time in their studies they spend 2 MUCH TIME wasting away their destiny, sleeping with pple old enouf 2 b their parents..well i find this very shockin. not even scared of exposing their filthy secret on a social site....WE ALL must WAKE UP!!!!!
    corruption starts from dis little atrocities ...


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