August 17, 2011

What Was She Thinking? The New Most Beautiful Girl In Nigeria And Her Beautiful Lies

Its too early to say our new MBGN queen is dumb, but seems like she's conspicuously unintelligent.

At first, several controversies trailed this year's MBGN Pageant after Sylvia was crowned 2011 MBGN Queen. So the Queen gave critics something to be happy about after making up some lies for no reason. In an Interview with the beauty queen published on vanguard August 7, giving reasons why she messed in the question and answer segment of the MBGN, Sylvia said MBGN was her first pageant, and she has never stepped on stage before. Sylvia, also said she won because of her look and activities at the boot camp. And she told a dumb lie that almost tarnished the Image of those who crowned her as queen (organizers).

The MBGN organizers reacted to what Sylvia said in the interview, saying she participated in 2010 Miss Nigeria Pageant, in Lagos zonal casting and later at the grand finale in Abuja. Aside that, the organizers claimed she was given Etiquette training, to present herself well on stage and also media etiquette training.

Ok now I understand, like she's got problem answering questions correctly? she messed at the pageant, and now in the media. Don't try this at the Miss World pageant, You repping a whole Nigeria.



  1. Oh my bad They need to get the crown back frm dis dumb girl. This is called beauty without brain. Damn

  2. I wonder how this daft girl won the crown.Igbotic girl!! I watched the pageant & this tall for nothing girl screwed up big time.she didn't even deserve to be among the first 10.She needs too be polished and groomed after the crown is retrieved 4rm her ASAP!!! GOSH!!


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