September 18, 2011

2face Idibia's Long Music Reign [HBD To The King]

I knew 2face was going to reach this zenith a long time, a very long time ago; it was like stating the obvious; he has this compelling voice, back in the defunct Plantashun boiz group, I can safely say he was the strongest even though Blackface was always trying to prove he was the best of the trio; no doubts he was abi na is good in his game.

Back then, I had so much joy in delaying errands, why? There was always a plantashun boiz song playing at a nook or corner, I would not leave till the tape stops; d lyrics are so strong that it was the perfect song for both meaningful and meaningless guys; a guy who having approached a girl with those habitual
pre-relationship phrases was wise enough to draw supplements from Plan B's lyrics. One boy approached me one time like, me that I listen to Plan B's songs 24/7, anyways lemme continue, all the words from his mouth were just Plan-Beed, I just walked away, till today, it still pains me that I didn't say, 'shut-up, na me u wan download plantashun boiz for abi?"..but thank God I didn't, I could have equally inherited a swollen face.

I'm an unrepentant, indefatigable, infact, a big apologist of 2face. My love for his music(as a solo musician) dates back to my secondary school days, my mates few teachers all knew I liked him. African Queen swept me off, that hit song was more than a hit it was totally captivating, I had to dedicate a higher-education
notebook for everything happening within and outside's 2face's life; a friend saw the book and shook her head; when the attack stories came up, I was glued to tv&newspapers, monitoring every single detail like he hired me to do so.

2face is good. And what has endeared me to him over the years are two things: his humility and versatility. 2baba is humble to a fault; my mum was the first person to mention that to me, adding the issue of collabos, her words: "there is nobody 2face cannot do collabos with, he doesn't see any artiste as being from
a slum or raised with a silver spoon, he mixes with anybody; even when he is in a position to choose people he sings with, he doesn't have ego or pride, he knows where he is coming from"..believe you me I was shocked!! When the scandals started trailing him, people gave me a tough time, as if I was his adviser, "you see 'Lolade, your best musician they give people belle anyhow, shame on him"...this..that. Scandals do bring people's career or image down, 2face pulled through all that; topped charts and cash flowed in immensely.

Whether he was unable to manage stardom or not, he is an awesome musician; from the way he talks, exchanges banters, relate with people, he is a simple person. Sometime ago in my area, whenever he comes around, asides the monetary blessings some stall owners receive, they recount tales of how friendly he is and if you ask me, some arrogant musicians should take cues from that.

Asides clinching awards everynow and then, two things he's done between last year and this year that have made my respect for him deeper are Àirtel-sponsored One-8 involvement and his BET award which clearly reveals that he is a top-flight singer..
Written by Ololade Olatunji
Innocent Ugah Idibia (2face) clocked 36 today!!! Long live the Legend

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