September 25, 2011

Offensive? MBGN Queen, Sylvia Nduka's Skin Digitally Lightened In New Photo Shoots

Her Normal Look
2011 Most Beautiful Girl In Nigeria, Sylvia Nduka released new shoots few days ago, and in the pictures, she appears to be several shades lighter than her normal colour.

This is a creative manipulation of the light. I call this unrealistic version of the real Queen. Lol

I know most shoots for magazines, social media and others are photoshopped, as you know, people stop at nothing for perfection. But the case of lightening skin, I find this more offensive because it reminds me of the myth people have believed for years dark skinned girls don't look better than light skinned girls.
 Does she really need heavy Photoshopping to make her look stunning??
Is it just the exposure of the picture or did they purposely lighten her skin?
More Pics After The Cut



  1. This is ridiculous and offensive. After all, darego is black and she won d miss world pageant. The photoshop job is also whack, I must say

  2. Actually i saw her in shoprite yesterday, she is rather light-skinned. It took me a while to even recognize her because the image i had in my head hitherto was based on her previous darker pictures. If there were any digital effects done to her new pictures, they must be very negligible

  3. If she's indeed light skinned now like you said, she must be using a whole lot of skin lightening creams.


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