September 22, 2011

Tonto Dikeh Talks About Being Controversial

Nollywood Actress, Tonto Dikeh in a recent interview answered some of criticisms levied aimed at her; from her roles in movies, to her smoking habit.
When asked about why people portray her as being controversial actress, She said

'Yes,a lot of people say I am controversial. I can even say that about myself. Tonto is that,Tonto is this,today Tonto is doing this,tomorrow she is doing
that.I can say categorically that I am very
controversial but why it's like that is what I do not know. I think that Africans are not all that exposed to a lot of daring acts and once you do that,you become a
very strange person to them. And before you know it,you have become a topic.It
goes on and on like that just because you have deviated from who they think you're. Just because you're doing something different from what others do,they will call you a lot of names, that's just what I can say about that'

When asked what she thinks about fans reaction to her smoking habit.

'I appreciate the fact that people are getting worried about that but why? Is it because I am Tonto Dikeh or because they love me and they want me to be in
good health? They're two different things but I don't care. I care only when you give reasons for talking about me smoking. I don't think that should affect you,so far you're not my brother or my sister. We are not from the same
family. My smoking habit doesn't affect your life in any way. If I die tomorrow,you're not going to bury me. My father has the money to bury me.So,why are they talking about it?



  1. this girl is stupid!!!!! does she really think her father prays to use his money to bury his child. she need to learn how to speak in public.madam exposed hmm loll at africans are not exposed how much exposure has she seen or too much hollywood movies

  2. In the Lord,s vineyardSeptember 22, 2011 at 2:49 PM

    Demons are at work in her life.I pray God delivers her.Amen!

  3. A big fool you are. Can you bear to listen to the garbage coming from your own mouth? "My father has the money to bury me. So, why are they talking about it"? They are talking about it because you're not intelligent enough to know the ill-effects of smoking. Also, you do not sound as smart as you make yourself believe, as no father/mother would like to use their hands, or spend their hard-earned money to bury their child. Parents pray to be buried by their children not the other way round. What a daft stupid low-life with over-inflated feeling of deluded self importance.

    Very shallow way of reasoning.

    Somebody please knock some sense back into her porous brain.

  4. you should say you have enough money to bury your self beside i dont see responding to your comment as sencible cause i think you need deliverance.

  5. This is very disappointing indeed. The same fans you depend on for your fame and success in the movie industry? I wish she never said these.

  6. I tink i lyk u, by d way dose dat do pretend r d worst. Abeg tonto i luv u go on, u r a star afterall dey r nt related 2 u so ow cum der are complain. Abeg make una live am

  7. it' s her life no stringe attached.

  8. If you die you go straight to hell bitch!!!!!


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