October 29, 2011

LOL! MTO Goes In On Nigerian Singer Nnenna Yvonne For Jacking Nicki Minaj's Style

America's most hated urban site, Media take out takes shot at a Nigerian model for imitating Nicki Minaj's look. This girl don fall our hand o. You know, many african celebs have been accused of copying several times, so this is the height, I guess.

No sweat, y'all shouldn't take anything coming out from MTO seriously, they are known for this. 80% of American celebs have been made the subject of ridicule by the site. Funny enough, its owned by an african born american lawyer. Well, I just posted this just for fun, you can as well pardon the headline.

Nnenna Yvonne at age 21, Nigerian-born/New York-raised pop singer and model. Modelled for Akademik, Coogi, Rocawear and other fashion designers.

But seriously, the MTO caption for this pictures is quite offensive. Check it out below

"October 29, 2011: Check out the girl who is being pushed as the new Black Girl pop sensation . . . her name is Nnenna Yvonne and she's originally from Nigeria. Can't hate though . . . we bought us a bootleg GUCCI BAG from an African dude. They're good at making copies . ..



  1. gimmie a break on this. .Nicki also imitates Lil kim.this is just too hysterics.

  2. seems like this girl has identity crisis

  3. I just hope dbanj who's trying to break into d us industry won't fall victim of this too. Honestly this is funny. And mto guys are assholes

  4. This gal shud end her career pls. Identity crises. She's not discovered herself yet, I'm 100percent sure


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