October 30, 2011

Dbanj Buys Aston Martin Vantage Car For $200k

Dbanj added another pricey whip to his already expensive car collection.

Already has a garage packed with Multi-million naira rides like the N35million Bentley he acquired alongside his music brother, Don Jazzy few months ago. And now he's reportedly ordered himself an Aston Martin Vantage. Dbanj laid out $200,000 (about N30million) for the two-seat super-sportscar.
Hmmm...if uve got it, flaunt!



  1. Thats a lovely machine with massive engine..i hope the fuel subsidy removal won't affect you as from january?...lolz(just kidding) because the Aston is always thirsty for Gas and maybe i can ride with you someday in my dreams...lolz... i love you D'banj

  2. Big boys on big things. Are u sure its a brand new one? I doubt it

  3. Oh my. That's my dream car. That means dbanj is my dream bf..lol. So dbanj u must marry me so we can cruise inside that aston martin together

  4. wish 2 ride wit u guy. u you are 2u much guy.

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