October 26, 2011

Don Jazzy Says "No Beef", Tells Kelly Hansome "Calm Down"

I reported earlier about mohits planning to sue Mr. Kelly hansome for remixing one of dbanj's leaked song. Well, its like Mohits pardoned Kelly hansome but they 've banned Kelly hansome from using any material owned by mohits. They got Kelly to sign a document (which entails a statement that restrict Mr. Maga don pay from using any mohits material) at a police station.

And yesterday, the internet went nuts and began saying that Mohits arrested Kelly hansome. Both don Jazzy and kelly hansome denied the arrest story. In a mail sent to TheNetng.com by Don Jazzy, he said
"Kelly Hansome was not Arrested cos if we really intend to do that he'll not be out."

He further said

"I do not believe in beef like my fans know. But come on, there is only so much insult one can take, and riding on a Don Jazzy beat without my permission after openly calling us all sort of names is definitely a cheeky move from him.

This incident has been resolved and doesn't stop me from dancing to some of his diss songs that I like and the ones he might come up with after this. Neither
does it stop me from being his fan. I think he is a talented brother with so much potentials if he could calm down a little #myopinion.

There was no form of violence recorded in resolving this issue. The music industry moving forward is all we preach
but not by beef or taking other people's property."



  1. good one don jazzy

  2. Fuckin matured guy. Kelly hansome dis guy is ur papa o. He's even showing him love, quite unusual.

  3. Kelly hansome... U don hear am


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