October 23, 2011

"Genevieve And I Both Understand Things Couldn't Work Out" -- Dbanj

Mr. Oliver twist has been romantically linked to quite a number of nollywood divas in the past, from Rukky Sanda, mercy Johnson to Genevieve. In a recent interview on Vanguard, he opened up about his relationship with Genevieve, and he wants us to believe he never dated Genevieve even though they've been spotted hanging out together several times - like they just get along famously. And dbanj talked about the search for true love, Maybe the saying "you don't look for true love – true love will find you" is not working for the kokomaster. Lol.

On Genevieve

I really can't remember, it cost between N4m to N5m. I 'm not too sure. But I think it's a beautiful idea if not for the way everyone is trying to go about it. I think Genevieve is a stunner I could dateor love her. But we didn't date. She's my friend and a star you know. We're close and we both understand that things couldn't work out. That song was recorded two years before the video was released and it remains my biggest song ever. I wanted to make a statement with it. We had options of whom to use in the video, but at the end of the day, we saw that it's an African song and by that time I had already played it in about fifty weddings.

Am I good in bed? How I'm suppose to know? I think you should ask the women, but please don't ask a virgin. That song is misleading them. When you say how
big is the koko?, then they want to see if it's that big. But when some come, they see what they either want to see or don't expect to see.

So are you saying that the song has put you into a lot of trouble?
Yes, a lot of time. But to find a lady that really likes one genuinely makes me paranoid. Of late, I dated a lady called Dana and she doesn't even know that
I'm a musician. I told her I'm a businessman. She's based in America and I like it. Is it wrong? Even if I date a foreigner, I still have to come back home.
Are you saying you haven't met any Nigerian lady?
It's really hard to find because how will I know she likes me genuinely? My mother said I should go to Bishop Oyedepo's Church, Living Faith to find a wife.



  1. Hmmmm...ur mum talk say make u go luk for sista mary after u don play all d city gals. Mr. Oliver twist, na church gals remain for u now abi,. Thunder fit fire ur dick o, watch it. Don't go there

  2. Dbanj,u no even serious at all. Na now u wan listen to ur mama abi. When dem tell you sey "MUSIC NO BE FOOD" and you tell them sey "NA HIMM I WAN DO" (quotes from "All the way- by dbanj), na only God know why you no add dis 1 for the lyrics of "OLIVER TWIST" except sey na wetin u wan do. An advice, no be by force make you marry for canaanland, START TO DEY PRAY SERIOUSLY AND PERSONALLY. GOD go still hear you.

  3. Na now u remeber shey na church u wan go ab,God go fire ur dick


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