October 25, 2011

Iceprince Adds Range Rover Jeep To His Car Fleet

Here comes another range rover owner. Iceprince has taken delivery of the luxury vogue car.

Iceprince's collection already includes a Honda Baby Boy and Toyota Camry. The rapper joins his label boss, Audu and MI who are proud owners of the big expensive and sporty car, Range Rover.

In case you don't know, buying a Range rover Jeep has become a sign of wealth among Nigerian celebs.



  1. I'll suggest you save and invest your money young man - and no im not a hater!

  2. Y u dey hate na. Dis one na change na, or do u know his worth. Abeg ice carry on jor. This is just 2010 model when d new one is already out

  3. abeggiii..3 cars for wat??e don build house??No!!


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