October 28, 2011

Look At My New Toys! Jim Iyke Shows Off His Luxury Rides

Jim Iyke caused a sensation by buying exotic cars, Plymouth prowler convertible and 2011 model of Camero SS after getting inspired by movie tranformer 2.

So I saw transformer 2& I had to get it. My spankin new camero SS drop top. Its d law of attraction. I want it, I get it, Its
Undebatable!! He tweeted

Jim who is busy working on his new fashion line "untamed closet" which he will be launching sometimes this year unveiled his new cars to his fans on twitters.

According to SDK , the two toys are worth N16million. Jim Iyke's successful acting career and business savvy must have given him enough cash to pick up these?
If you work hard, you'll live large!



  1. Kini big deal! Plymouth powler.. One of the worst cars of all time, accordin to time magazine. U pple ehn, una sabi hype all dis our cheap celebs.

  2. Hater *die* die* *die*


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