October 26, 2011

Tonto Dikeh Unveils New Controversial Tattoo

What in the Hell is this?
Is this her 58th tattoo, as she had revealed earlier that she has 57 tattoos. The fresh ink is located on the actress' upper back.
We need Tonto to explain the inspiration behind her latest tattoo.

Not good at interpreting tattoos but seriously, this looks demonic. The "expensive tattoo" as she claimed shows Tonto Dikeh squeezing a heart. Now Is she just being controversial or does she really mean what she does?



  1. Lawd have mercy! She's satanic. That's all

  2. she should gerrrrout jare..all dese yeye publicity stunts..dis is 1 she will def regret some day..

  3. Make una leave this gal na. Celebs dey suffer o. So she's meant to leave a fake life to suit u guys.. Haba! She's just being real

  4. Whose heart is she squeesing? Her own? Dis gal loves being controversial, no doubt. She knew ppl were going to condemn it, dat was why she released d picture. . Dis is what has been keepin her relevant in d media . Here is my conclusion, tonto dikeh, cossy, and dat new gal, dencia shud be livin in d same house

  5. Oh I see, d nigerian ent industry is becomin mor interestin now. Bloggers an d media now hav somtin to gossip abt. I saw this comin though

  6. Sprinkle holy water on tonto's back.. Jesus take the wheel!!!

  7. Its her life. Biko leave her alone


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