November 26, 2011

Don Jazzy Is 29! It's a Cake Made to Look Like Don Jazzy covered TIME magazine

Micheal Enebeli (Don Jazzy) turns 29 years young today. IDJA! And yes, his father's birthday is today. Check out my interview with Don Jazzy's Dad

So, "The Don" got this awesome cake in the shape of a TIME magazine cover, with his image on the cake, and it appears that he is on the cover, and he also got his face on the dollar dill shaped cake.
Happy birthday to Don Jazzy & his Dad!

Here's a profile of his early days
1. He started playing the drums at 4, and he turned bass guitarist at 12 years. Raised in Ajegunle city, Lagos state and graduated from Federal Government College Lagos. He moved to London in 2000 after
his Uncle invited him to come play the drums for the neighborhood Church. Don Jazzy worked as a bass guitarist in female singer, Muma Gee's band in 2002/2003 before he met dbanj.
don jazzy's dad, collins



  1. Yeh peyha! Royal highness in his flyness...wish to mit u tho,cos am ilorin's finest(rapKING)...llnp

  2. TIME stooped using "man of the year" since 1920s, its now "person of the year". dis cakes are funny


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