November 28, 2011

General Pype Is back With Two New Singles; "VICTORIOUS MAN" and "STAND ATTENTION"

Channel O award winner and 2010 City People best reggae/dancehall Nigerian artiste GENERAL PYPE is back on the scene with an extraordinary double
release from his forthcoming debut album. The two songs "VICTORIOUS MAN" and "STAND ATTENTION" are produced by Del Bee.

General Pype is known for his distinctive voice, deep and empowering melodies, over 120 collaborations and his timeless song "Champion", which received a long
endorsement by satellite tv channel Super Sports. His great new track "Victorious Man" is a hymn to life and to victory in spite of the struggles
of the everyday man; it holds the promise of becoming as timeless and glorious as Pype's previous success single. "Stand Attention" gives a flavor of the dance beats that Pype has in store for his fans and audiences and will surely make people move on the dance floor in the festive season ahead and beyond.
Download "VICTORIOUS MAN" Here




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