December 23, 2011

9ice insists he's still with Vicky Godis...NOT Toni Payne

9ice and vicky godis
The internet went nuts and began saying that 9ice has reconciled with Toni payne. 9ice recently addressed the reconciliation rumour. I read the interview 9ice had with soft sell magazines (encomium and city people) And I was immediately confused, mostly because toni payne continuously tweets about 9ice and has left us wondering if the separated couple are quietly reconciling behind the scenes. Well, 9ice is not leaving the door open for a reconciliation. 9ice who just released a 35-song double album revealed he's still in love with Vicky Godis (the abuja-based lady who gave birth to 9ice's twins months back).

"What I can tell you is that the relationship 9ice had with Toni Payne produced a child. For this reason, the presence of this child will always create a reason for the two of us to see, because the father needs to see the son, and the son needs to see the father. So if anybody sees 9ice and Toni Payne together, it's probably because they have come together to take care
of the boy." 9ice told encomium magazine

He opened up about his relationship with vicky Godis, his 2nd baby mama

"The true story is that it is true that the lady gave birth to a set of twins for me, the kids are over a year now and I am still with her. I will not give all the details but all I can say is that she was there for me when I needed a shoulder to lean on. She is my bed of rock and has supported me all along. Disregard what you hear in the media, we are still together. As regards Toni Payne, I issued a press statement about two years ago and the decision still stands. Whatever report people make about it, I don't know oh!" He told city people

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  1. Awkward moment for toni payne. Toni shud start singin beyonce's why don't u love me, when I make myself so damn easy to love...I feel her pain


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