December 22, 2011

Saucekid takes to twitter to blast former label, Storm records "messing up people’s career..."

Saucekid left Storm records to start his own label, SMG where he released his last album. But it seems Sinzu is still bitter about his about his experience with storm records. The young rapper took to twitter to launch attack on storm records.

Sinzu tweeted
"Good morning guys!! We live n we learn! Others die without d knowledgeNo SUBs. Dats d real…. Wastin people's time, messin up people's career, for some selfish interest without contributing anything to them in return.U can't keep signing people and allowing people leave without any results. You look like a crappy joke. Get laffed at…Somone need to tell you. Clowns We all left…coz Yall aint Right…OBVIOUSLY"


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