June 30, 2011

Updated: Music Legend, Christy Essien-Igbokwe Is Dead

Famous gospel music artist, christy Essien Igbokwe known as nigeria's lady of songs has been confirmed dead. The cause of her death and the time she died is yet to be disclosed She's known for releasing good old hits like; soun rere,
First female president of PMAN(performing musicians association of nigeria)
Won several international wards
Born in november 11, 1960
*story developing*
according to reports, the singer/actress fell ill 3 days before she gave up the ghost. she died (june 30) yesterday morning 9:30am to be precise. i could stll remember i grew up listening to her songs

Naija Celebrities Planking: Dprince, Olamide, YQ And Others Take To The Stunt [Pictures]

Planking game has swept twitter. Still don't know why people are crazy about this silly stunt.
The lying down game (also known as planking, or face downs) is an activity, popular in various parts of the world, consisting of lying face down in an unusual or incongruous location. The hands must touch the sides of the body, and having a photograph of the participant taken and posted on the Internet is an integral part of the game.
Players compete to find the most unusual and original location in which to play.
The location should also be as public as possible, and as many people as possible should be involved.
I heard a man died while planking, fell from a balcony
Here are pictures of our own celebs; Dprince, YQ, Ebuka, Olamide and Dr. Sid planking.*sigh* Will be posting more celebs planking pix soon
Check More Pix Of Celebs Planking

Picture | Soundsultan's New Baby boy And His Sister, Zara

Mr Lanre known as Soundsultan and Wife Farida Fasasi welcomed their second baby 3 days ago (sunday).
That's Zara and her new brother whose naming ceremony is on sunday.
Soundsultan became a father in 2009 after welcoming his first child, Zara. He had Zara some weeks after his october 1 wedding.

June 29, 2011

Genevieve Nnaji On Why She Can't Marry Dbanj; Addresses James Bond Girl Role Rumours

In an interview Genevieve Nnaji had with Tell magazine, she addressed the rumoured relationship with dbanj, and
Provided dbanj proposed marriage to her.
"First of all I have to agree within myself that I actually want to get married. If I would marry him, I don't know. I think my life is already chaotic as it is being one celebrity. So, it's a no"
When asked about the rumoured James Bond girl role, she laughed and said
"I overhead the rumour but I don't think it's a rumour because the movie hasn't been shot yet and so I'm waiting for the call. I'm on standby. I always say, 'from people's lips to Gos's ears'.

There you have it.

June 28, 2011


Like banky is now feeling more confident without his signature headwear.
For those who have been wondering what's under there, that's banky W's unusual look with his hat missing.
We all know that Banky wore hat to hide his balding hairline.
He's not looking bad tho...

Dbanj Signed To DefJam

Kanye West's Good music has signed a deal with Island Defjam music group making good music a subsidiary of the label. Dbanj, CyHi da prince, pusha T are the good music signed artistes under the island defjam deal. Meaning, dbanj will be releasing album which he claimed gulped about N450million under Island defjam, the same label Justin Bieber is signed to.

Check Out Naija Celeb Names And Their 'Dictionary' Meanings. You Agree With These Translations?

Nigerian Entertainment Police Authority (NEPA) is at it again. This is creativity. I'm sure u gna enjoy reading this

These are series of arranged tweets on naija celebs names and defining them based on who they are.
Past victims have been Dbanj, Ayegbeni, Jega,Kaita, etc. 2day we have fresh victims as we wud apply d law on every entertainment name we can.
The creative mind state of the urban Nigerian social network relating youth deserves a standing ovation.
An all time classic 4 me was the broadcasts that transformed human names (Nouns) to Verbs. & Adjectives. Sheer creativity.
Another chance to showcase our matchless depth, humour& intelligence. Make your pick of any name and make it a verb. We have. a few examples
I have read d most witty copyright materials as updates, broadcasts & comments on social networks.
That doesn't mean I endorse these

#translation KellyHandsome: handsome embodiment of troublemaking, dragging beef wt some 1 greater than one's self.

#translation Durella: shamelessly and openly copying a superstar but hindered by one's mushin background.

#translation. Sasha: Being kicked 2 d sidelines nd still desperately hanging on. Eg She has been sasha'd out of business.

#translation, Faze talent and ability to do someting but without comitment. e.g "his fazing is affecting the project"

#translation. Keke The abilty to be intentionally un mindful of ones age. "Would you stop kekeing please" eg. Ure jst t0o kekeish 4my lykin.

#translation. KSB: A psychological induced confusion on wat 2 do. E.g I am Ksb'd on wat type of music 2 do.

#translation Tuface Idibia - Everything comes easy, including women and babies.

#translation. Ikechukwu. A violent reaction sparked by the slightest provocation "An ikechukud action was inevitable"

#translation. Blackky Glory existing in the past tense "I have fond memories of my days of blackky"

#translation. SoundSultan The under rating of an overly talented element deserving of more acclaim. "I feel so sultaned"

#translation. Denrele Temporary disconnect from sanity. "Keep your cool. Pls don't derele on me now"

#translation. Tonto Dike. The restless face of an ambitious generation "Unilag girls are more Tontolized than Lasu girls"

#translation. Wande Coal. An unexpected miniature representation of a phenomenon. "Did u wande the idea? It sounded bigger earlier".

#translation. GbengaAdeyinka A loud persistent sound you can't ignore. "Gov Fashola says sirens cause to much Gbenga Adeyinka"

#translation: Ashionye: The conflicting existence of several distinct accents in one sentence. "her ashionye is difficult to place"

#translation: Timaya :The ability 2 single handedly withstand d illwishes of humans with divine intervention. "I Timayad his wickedness"

Like Denrele Like Lady Gaga..His Latest Crazy Look!

Denrele's craze is not new to us again! He's growing in it day by day. And now, I can authoritatively tell you that he's craze has reached gaga's status (But he has been doing his thing even before we knew gaga) and that's quite alarming!
That's his new crazy look, spotted at a parrty...Craze-to-craze battle between denrele and gaga. That bizarre, massive and ridiculous shoe looks heavy. Like the shoe is a metal? The same thing gaga wore at heathrow airport..
I noticed he's been obsessed with these shoes after using it on the set of "the return of Jenifa".

KSwitch (Dbanj's bro) and James(Don Jazzy's Bro) Ventures Into Oil And Gas Business

Dbanj's blood brother, Kswitch and Don Jazzy's brother, James are really thinking big. The two brothers to naija's biggest stars were trying to make the society better and at the same time make their money when they came up with the idea of oil and gas home delivery service. I'm beginning to suspect these boyz are the brains behind the koko branded investments, for them to have . But this time its not koko oil and gas, its named after them, James n Switch Energy Limited.

JamesNswitch is an oil and gas company based in Lagos supplying door to door delivery of oil and gas to private and public premises.
Wanna know more about this, visit http://jamesnswitch.com

June 27, 2011

Dbanj Wears Christain Louboutin Shoes At BET Awards. The Worth is...

Add caption
That's the shoes dbanj wore to BET awards show. Are you feeling the shoes? He wore a pair of Christian Louboutin Mika Raja spring/summer 2011 flats...Its worth $2,395...that's about 360,000 naira...ok bye
Thanx to glamourboysinc for the info
This is what popular american blogger,Tracie Egan Morrissey of Jezebel.com wrote on dbanj's dress
"I'm not familiar with Nigerian singer/songwriter D'banj's work, but he's my pick for best dressed. Such attention to detail! His pants look like they were crafted out of some Italian nonna's tablecloth. And those aren't ruffles on his shirt—they're tasseled beads."

Green Carpet Photos | 2face and Dbanj Win BET's Best African Act Award

First of its kind, two winners emerged as winner of the best international act (africa) category. Yh, I'm really happy about this, no more face-off between dbanj and 2face...its like my dream came true. BET did justice to that...Here are pictures off the BET. That's 2baba on all white and dbanj on green and white..repping!
more pix after the cut

June 26, 2011

Video: Chris Tucker Comes To Lagos, Having Fun With Obasanjo At His Farm

Rush hour star, Chris Tucker and Andrew Young were on a trip to nigeria where they met with former President. I could remember these two guys helped launch delta flight to lagos in 1998, where Andrew poked fun at nigeria, saying the traffic on the (delta) flight will be so great that they'll call it "Rush Hour 4.
Chris had much fun with Obj, very unusual, they had a nice time at Obasanjo's farm.

Excerpts from award winning documentary, Continent of Opportunity.

June 25, 2011

Pictures: Dbanj And 2Face At The BET Social Media Blitz And Pre-award Party

Lloyd and dbanj
 Its no more news that our own 2face and dbanj made 2011 BET Awards alongside top black american hiphop stars. The award show will be airing tomorrow,

BET made a Social Media Blitz for BET Awards tagged BET Ford Focus Social Media Lounge at Los Angeles yesterday attended by dbanj and 2face and here are some pictures of dbanj and 2face at  mingling with top stars for your viewing pleasure
dbanj and mario

2face and mary J blige
 Check More Pix After The Cut

"Nigerian Hip Hop, Long a Copy, Grows Into Its Own" By BET

LAGOS, Nigeria (AP) — Nigeria's most talked-about hip-hop video exhibits all the excesses of its American counterparts — beautiful, scantily clad models, a mansion and a bathtub full of hundred-dollar bills.

But the biggest surprise? America's own Snoop Dogg playing back up to Nigerian star D'banj, embracing him as his nephew and taking a Nigerian passport before leaving the rest of the remixed "Mr. Endowed" to the Yoruba-singing heartthrob.

Nigeria, Africa's most populous nation with 150 million people, long has been a leading cultural influence across the continent. Its low-budget "Nollywood" films can be found everywhere, while its music plays in taxicabs and minibuses far beyond its borders.

Twitter Buzz: 10 Reasons Why Rapper, MI Never Replied Your Tweet

funny little MI posing for a picture
Since have been following rapper, MI on twitter, noticed he's a down to earth asshole (in Jesse Jagz voice) person. He loves repeating his points over and over to convince his followers. And also, if u've been following him, you will know him a bit, coz he takes time out tweeting about himself, be it good or bad with sense of humour.

June 23, 2011

Ghanaian Actress, Yvonne Nelson Is back! With Photoshoots

My spidey sense is tingling, its saying that Yvonne will be making a great comeback not with photoshoot, with acting. The gossip windmills was grinding the rumour sometimes ago that the controversial Ghanaian actress was banned for a year from acting in Ghana and Nigeria. But honestly, it has being I saw her on the big screen. Not until now when she released her promo shoots

June 21, 2011

The Glitzy Premiere Of 'Kiss And Tell'

Monalisa Chinda and Nse Ikpe Etim
Anyone passing through the Ahmadu Bello Way, Victoria Island, on June 20, 2011, could sense a mile away that something extraordinary was happening at the Silverbird Galleria.
From the long traffic, to the filled Silverbird car park, to the large number of dapperly looking guests walking into the galleria and the red carpet stand that was flooded with stars, the event could not have been anything other than the premiere of ‘Kiss and Tell’.

The Kiss and Tell premiere started at about 4pm with a red carpet event at the Atrium of the Silverbird Cinemas, which lasted for about four hours as against the two hours planned out. This was not surprising though, as the large number of paparazzi on ground could not have enough of the long list of stars on ground. The roll call of stars in attendance include; Monalisa Chinda, Emem Isong, Joseph Benjamin, Uche Jumbo, Lilian Bach, Susan Bash, Julius Agwu, Fred Amata and a whole lot of others.

At about 8pm guests moved into the hall for the premiere proper. The Nigerian comedian and radio presenter Yaw, who was the anchor of the event, came on stage and introduced the executive producer, producer and the cast of the movie who took a bow after a resounding applause from the audience.

Guests were taken through several crescendos of fun and laughter as the romantic comedy ‘Kiss and Tell’ came up on the screen. Executive Producer of the movie Monalisa Chinda and producer, Emem Isong were all smiles after the movie as the standing ovation and applause they got after the movie signalled to them that they did a good job.

‘Kiss and Tell’ features A-list Nollywood actors like Desmond Elliot who also directed the movie, Monalisa Chinda, Nse Ikpe-Etim, Uche Jombo, Joseph Benjamin, Bhaira Mcwizu, Darlene Benson and others. It will start showing in Abuja, Lagos, Port Harcourt and other parts of the country from July 18.

In ‘Kiss and Tell’, Iyke (Joseph Benjamin), the ultimate player in the game of women runs Blue Quest with his friend Bernard (Desmond Elliot); their friendship however does not apply to their coy. Iyke, who prides himself as the ultimate player per excellence however met his match perhaps more than he bargain for in Delphine (Monalisa Chinda), a divorce lawyer who is a divorcee herself. Iyke is about to lose a bet, a controlling shares of Blue Quest. He has to win or lose all.
Check more pictures after the cut

Nollywood Actress, Funke Adesiyan Into Fashion And Clothing Business [Photo Shoot]

 Popular yoruba actress, Funke Adsiyan who was once romantically linked with actor, Saheed Balogun has ventured into fashion business as she opens a fashion store in Ibadan. Its La' Venetta Fashion outfit located at Bodija in Ibadan.


That's Tpain and Don Jazzy
Like the kanye deal is giving the connect. Meeting top people in the hiphop game.

Comic: Basketmouth's Funniest Look?

Ok, now basketmouth should go and get this look...lol...after all Mr. Beans makes more money from his funny look. But first, he must get a go ahead from Reverend King, yh, like I'm seeing King's look in that picture.

June 20, 2011

Empress Njamah Caught Up In Nude Picture Scandal

Its another nude photo scandal? Celebs nude picture is no new thing in nigeria again. The likes of Wande Coal, Anita Hogan, and others fell victim one time, and they've all denied the pictures.
An alleged nude picture of Nollywood actress and Timaya's ex, Empress Njamah surfaced on the net.
And the question is, Could this be Empress Njamah giving a blowjob?
A photo of a lady and a guy doing simultaneous oral sex called 69....
This woman in the picture looks just like her. I dont think its Empress coz she's not the kind of gal that seeks this type of attention. She already denied the nude picture.

Pictures | Mercy Johnson's Pre-Wedding Shopping Spree

Mercy Johnson on the hunt for her wedding gown

Its just two months before her wedding, the bride-to-be headed to New York to pick up some few things; adding to her wedding wardrobe. She will be walking down the aisle with Prince Odianose Okojie in August

Enjoy the Pictures of mercy Johnson out shopping for wedding dress AFTER THE CUT

Flavour Nabania Calls Bad beats Records A Scam After Parting Ways With The Label

Not long ago, Flavour was happy to have clinched a new deal with American based record label, bad beats. And now, flavour's relationship with the label unfortunately turned sour, he's moving on.

Flavour who is known for voicing on hit tracks like MI's number one, Osondi Owendu, Orobo and others disclosed this via twitter

"I have Officially Terminated My contract with BadBeat Records. Firstly, I wanna advice any
upcoming artist to be careful before signing any
record deal. Promises BadBeat Records given to
me were not fulfilled.
After building my career to a certain level, I expected any partnership wit a record label to take me to a certain level, that didn't happen.
Badbeat Records. They don't have any
foundation. No office, no studio, nothing! All they
have is a bank account where they put my

Oh! U knew all these and you signed with the label..something must have been wrong somewhere. It looked like a get-rich-quick deal coz I could remember the label got him a car, shelter, shot 2 music videos of his hit tracks in new york and SA and a music tour.

Peter Psquare And His Cute Son, Cameron

Ok,yesterday was father's day, Peter who is also a father to his 2 years old Son put up this picture of him and his cute son. Like he's growing fast. He's looking more like his mother, Lola Omotayo
In other news, Paul brother of Peter finally joined twitter @rudeboypsuare
Y'all can follow him.

June 18, 2011

MI On How He Climbed His Way To Stardom, Why Jeremiah Gyang Left Choc City+To Release 'IM2' Next

MI takes us back to the days when he was still hustling to become a star, the good and the bad happenings in a series of tweets

"5 years ago I came with Jeremiah Gyang to Enugu for a rainbow net show. Nobody knew who I was.. just a tag along to spit 16 on Kaunar Allah!
That day however, a director on chocolate city died, his name is dapo... He died in a car crash.. So jeremiah and I heard on our way
Dapo's death was a key components that led to Jeremiah leaving Chocolate City... I believe it also really affected Audu Maikori. It took Chocolate City years to recover
However, in this space I was the only artist on Chocolate City and I decided to move to Lagos..."
What is so important is that I met Djinee at the show in Enugu.. And he said.. Ur good.. If you need a place to stay..I got you"

MI will be releasing another mixtape soon, its titled 'Illegal Music 2". And he will featuring Iceberg slim, the rapper he has been exchanging words with; Its not beef tho, just a challenge and Mode9 (a lyricist he respect so much).

And in other news, his American tour will be Kicking off soon. So, MI fans should watch out for MI.

BBC's Breaking Into Britain: How desperate And Stranded Nigerians Use Fake Documents To Fly Into UK

BBC runs another documentary involving Nigeria again. The panorama investigation centers on how some desperate people from developing countries including Nigeria fly into UK using illegal means.
Excerpts from the BBC Report

The perspective from the UK and European border agencies on how they address the growing numbers desperate to reach the EU was my


Hon Patrick Obahiagbon who is known for big grammars reacted to Bankole's EFCC arrest. This is what he said
"I am absolutely amazed and flabberwhelmed by the brazen looting,the colossal and monumental fraud and knavery that Bankole was said to be involved in. I view this depicable act by d ex-Speaker as a serial gang rape and senseless masturbation of d nations finances"
Could still remember when members asked Patrick to make an apology for calling his them rascals, and he said he's making an unreserved apologia...and the members never understood that word 'apologia'

Red Carpet Style | Darey And Tiny Tempah At The Black Ball

Darey has never tried shying away from the red carpet. I call him the Soul fashionista.
Darey strikes the right chord with James Hilman Suit, Nico Didonna shirt and a pencil trouser at Alicia Keys' Keep A Child Alive Black Ball.
The shoes are great as well.
Tinie Tempah is looking smart and fabulous

Hollywood Actress, Nia Long Pregnant For Nigerian NBA star, Ime Udoka

40 years old Hollywood Actress, Nia Long who is in a relationship with 33 years old Nigerian basketball star, Ime Udoka has gotten pregnant.

The excited Actress who acted alongside Nollywood actress, Omotola Jolade in Ties that bind showed off her baby bump in Mexico.

Nai and Ime told US magazine in a press statement

"This is the most exciting time in our lives."
"Words can't explain how thrilled we are by the
new addition to our family. We feel truly blessed
and appreciate all the well wishes and prayers. "

They've both had kids in their previous relationships

2face's Next Album Could Be His International Breakthrough Album; Working With Top American Hiphop Acts

R kelly blessing 2face
Lately, our local artistes have been getting some international connects, their work has been attracting international acts...dbanj linked with kanye, darey making some moves, psquare linked with drake. I call them "already established artistes in nigeria fast becoming upcoming acts in hiphop world".

Like 2face is not left out, a close source disclosed that he has been flying to US to record songs off his upcoming album in R. Kelly's studio. They hooked up after the one8 group was formed. Another international breakthrough album in the making?

He has hooked up with akon already, not another fake collaboration, Akon himself confirmed it...they recorded together in Atlanta where Akon is based. The video of him and american RnB queen, Mary J blige recording gave us a sneak peak into his upcoming album. Like its having international music feel, considering the sound quality and production.

So, dbanj and 2face are setting the pace and paving ways as they climb the world stage.
I hope to see their albums get reviewed by Times, billboard, rollingstone and others coz they are the newest thing happening to american hiphop; that's not an overstatement.

Dbanj And Don Jazzy Breaks Down Kanye West's Good Music Deal+Dbanj's N450million Album Project

The Mo'hits boiz gathered the press during the week to breakdown the details of the deal they had with Kanye's Good music label, and other related issues

Dbanj claimed they first met Kanye at an Airport in Dubai where they played him the remix of Mr. Endowed.
They debunked rumours making rounds that they will be relocating to New York, as Kanye only had music deal with them; all other things will be handled by mohits. Mohits and their koko branded investment will still be.

About dbanj's album
Dbanj's album project will be gulping $3million (about N450million), and Mohits will be paying for that. The album will be completed in 2 months time, and will be having guest artistes like; Wande coal, Kid Cudi (good music label mate), 2face.


Here is Obi Asika having breakfast with American hiphop act, Ryan Leslie. And Ryan Leslie tweeted that he's coming to Nigeria soon.
Should we be expecting Ryan Leslie's collaborated track with any of the storm signed artiste soon? Ok, Ryan Leslie and NaetoC on track will be cool

T.B Joshua Wants His Name Removed From Forbes' Richest Nigerian Pastors List

T.B joshua wants his name removed from the list of 5 richest nigerian pastor published by a blogger on forbes' site. Can't make any comment on this coz I do shy away from criticising Men Of God

Excerpts from T. B Joshua's representative press statement

"We therefore cannot be categorized among the wealthiest in Nigeria because what money we receive is not accumulated but rather given out to those who need it most. Apart from money, assets that classify one among the wealthiest are not in our possession. For example, houses around the world or private jets. It is true, we do not own a private jet – not that there is anything wrong with owning one. They are a blessing and can be used to further the Gospel. But we do not own one."

June 16, 2011


Three bad ass producers. That's Kanye, don Jazzy and No ID. No ID is the president of Good Music. Produced some tracks alongside Kanye on JayZ's last album; DOA, run this town and others.

Like the three of them are working on some tracks. This' gna up don Jazzy's level as a producer

Spotted | Darey With Lemar And Edgar Davids At Alicia Keys' Charity Black Ball

Darey is currently in UK promoting his UK release. He's been granting interviews (on TV, radio, magazines), making photoshoots. And the trip has been fun for Darey.
He was interviewed by UK based TV presenter, Carly Wilford' also interviewed on BBC and The Voice Newspaper in UK, featured on the shaun baxter show,

Darey attended Alicia Keyz Keep A child Alive black ball. Tinie Tempah, Mark Ronson, Jay Sean, swizz beatz and others were also at the event held in UK.
Darey who has been tweeting pictures he took during the event said this;

"So they are playing Fela's 1969 LA sessions while waiting for event to begin. And I'm still surprised that Tiny Tempah and Lemar remember me."

Hit single, The way you are will be released in UK on July 19 as it debuts on itunes and UK radio stations. He will be releasing the UK albm later.

Check Out D'Prince's Range Rover Sport; Its A birthday Gift!

Dprince marked his birthday some days. Ago, and here is the birthday gift he got for himself. He has joined the likes of M.I, psquare, ruggedman and others who are proud owners of Range Rover...Dprince disclosed that he got the 2009 SUV for N8.5million...

June 15, 2011

Eldee And Rita To Host The Headies Formerly Known As Hiphop World Awards + Their Photoshoots

Nollywood diva, Rita Dominic will be co-hosting the prestigious award show, The Headies  alongside hiphop act, Eldee. The 6th edition of the award will be holding in September. 
Ayo Animashaun, the CEO of smooth promotions said in a press release on monday
‘‘I can exclusively tell you Rita Dominic and Eldee have signed on to host the Headies awards. We are energized by our choice of hosts and we are confident with both of them anchoring the show our audience will have fantastic moments and an amazing show. Be assured this duo brings the perfect mix of elegance and sophistication that will set the tone for an amazing show. Preparations are in top gear and we are once again presenting you with the biggest faces that you know to host the 6th edition of the Headies awards and it will be amazing’’


Like they really looking cute together...
Check out more pictures after the cut

Naeto C Number 2 On American Billboard's Next Big Sound 25

 Nigerian Rapper, NaetoC made the American Billboard's Next big Sound Chart. The Other time it was Dbanj, ranked at number 7. Like the world is wacthing NaetoC, I just hope he makes his break through like dbanj. Of late, if u've been reading Wale's tweets, he has been giving props to NaetoC, and sometimes ago, he confessed that he's been mentioning  the catchphrase 10 over 10 repeatedly for a whole week, cant wait to see them collaborate.

June 14, 2011

PICTURES | Minute By Minute From Wizkid's Superstar Album Launch Party

EME crew

Constellation of stars came to celebrate the hottest young talent in nigeria, Wizkid at Eko Hotels on June 12. Stars like mo'hits crew, Muna, Iceprince, 9ice, MI, and others performed at the album launch. Here are pictures off the event
Wizkid And Mum
 Check out more Pictures After The Cut

June 13, 2011

Red Carpet Photos | Don Jazzy, Olamide, Ikechukwu And Others At Jimmy's Jump off Live

Don Jazzy

Get arena was bubbling for Jimmy's Jump off live as top music stars and DJs graced the event. The likes of Don Jazzy, Kenny Saint Brown, Freestyling battle tookplace as top Djs like DJ vinnie and others were on the wheels of steel. Side one, 2shotz, general pype, Tunde ednut, Eva, Choc boiz and others performed their hit songs.

Tunde ednut
 Check out More Pictures After The Cut
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