July 31, 2011

Its All Over! Nigeria's Karen And Zimbabwe's Wendall Win Big Brother Amplified [PICS]

karen and wendall
Its been 91 days of enterntainment if you ask me. So what many BBA fans had speculated finally came through after IK announced Karen Igho with wendall parson the winners. Oh! Luclay who many tipped as one of the possible winners came third.
At first, Vinna and Hanni got evicted, followed by Lomwe, and Sharon O. And the prize winners were among these three; Luclay, Karen, and Wendall.
If you ask karen and Wendall, battling it out among 24 (intelligent, smart, brainy, annoying and more) housemates is no joke at all. The third consecutive big brother win for Nigeria...Cheers!!! Karen takes home $200,000, and Wendall too has his own $200,000.

What all the housemates never knew until now is the fact that Big brother doubled up the prize of Big brother amplified winner(s) while unvieling two winners.
And if u still think Karen doesn't deserve the crown, then you should read a nice piece Dele Momodu about karen, I posted it earlier.
Cheers once again...Naija rocks!! Big ups to zimbabwe too

Check out how Africa voted the contestants

Karen: 6 country votes – Nigeria, Angola, Rest of Africa, Ghana, Mozambique, Tanzania
Wendall: 4 country votes – Zambia, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Kenya
Luclay: 2 country votes – South Africa, Botswana
Lomwe: 1 country vote – Malawi
Sharon O: 1 country vote – Uganda
Hanni: 1 country vote – Ethiopia
Vina: 0 Country Votes

kendra to Karen 'Can't just resist touching that boob'
But wait, Vina never won in any country??
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Not A Laughing Matter! Uche Ugbuagu On His Work As Chief Comedian Of Imo State

Heavy criticisms followed Imo State Governor's recent appointment of political aides as there are claims that it will be a heavy burden on the state's fianance, but the Governor later claimed that the political appointees will generate their pay themselves. Really?
Now, talking of one of the political appointments that has been tagged 'ridiculous' by critics. After reading through the Veteran Comedian, Uche's interview on Imo state blog addressing the issue, and I realised Its not a laughing matter as I had thought. Appointing him as special adviser on Entertainment would have sounded more serious than Chief Comedian Of The state. If we are to go by what he stated on his role as Chief Comedian.
Check out excerpts from the interview
Q: Your appointment as Special Assistant in the State came under scruitiny with the Portfolio as Chief Comedian in the
State. Could you enlighten us on
your Office as Chief Comedian of the State?
A: As you know, the Entertainment
industry cannot do without Comedy so, I see myself as the only representative of the Entertainers in the State Executive council. The office of the Chief Comedian is a representation of the Entertainment
industry in the State Executive Council.In this position, I am saddled with the responsibility of ensuring that the Entertainment Industry in Imo state
is revived. That particular area has been dead for quite a long time. We are
doing our best to to bring in Private investors from within and outside the
Country to see ways we could take Entertainment in the State to the next
Q:What are some of the notable highlights of your First week in office?
A:I started off with a tour of the State Capital to ascertain the true situation
of things. I visited a number of Entertainment places owned by the State
Government. Recently, I inspected the AMA J . K recreation Park and was
saddened by the condition of the place. It is almost in shambles. I started out with AMA J K recreation Park because it
is at the center of the State Capital and has potentials to generate income for the State.
Q: Could you give an insight to some of the Projects you envision to achieve
in reviving the Entertainment Sector?
A:To start, we are going to build Comedy Corners around the State capital. I have also had talks with some Private investors towards the project for an Amusement park.I am also proposing a name Change. This is a Rescue Mission and when you want to be rescued, you must be ready to be renamed. In fulfilling the plans I have for the Entertainment sector, I wouldnt want to depend on funds from the State Government. That has been my promise from day one. Apart from AMA J.K recreation park , I observed that
there was also another piece of land that the former Government intended to build a Park on . We will take over from
where they left off and build a Park specifically for the Kids because that
has been a gap in the Entertainment industry in the State. The kids do not
have a play spot. You find that on Weekends, parents would take their
Children to neighbouring States when we can create the same structures here.
It is time for us to give the Children a sense of belonging. I want to go on
record to state that the IMO AMUSEMENT PARK is going to be the center of
attraction for all Children in the State and beyond and, that would be one of the legacies I would be remembered for.His
Excellency has asked for me to draft a proposal and submit to him for his Perusal. That, I will do in less
than 48 hours from now.
Q:What do you make of this opportunity to serve the State?
A: I am seeing this particular portfolio as the only opportunity I have in
life to prove myself. Should there be any other opportunity, I wouldnt mind.
I am not looking for anything higher than this but if it comes my way, Glory
be to God.With the confidence and trust reposed in me by the State Government, I dont have any reason to fail. I want to assure all the citizens home and abroad that , the Lost Glory of Imo State is about to be retrieved.I can confidently state that the office of the Chief Comedian of
the State and Special Assistant to the Governor is one that will be most
successful. At the breifing we had on Sunday with the Chief of Staff, I reassured His Excellency who was also present that, in 90 days he will be marvelled at the progress in the State as far as Entertainment is concerned.

July 30, 2011

Karenplification Of Africa: Beautiful Piece That Dele Momodu Wrote About BBA Karen

You can't just beat that. Yeah! the massive support for karen in just 2 days to the end of Big Brother amplified. I was so surprised to discover that Dele Momodu sat down and wrote all that (quite emotional and inspiring) about Karen. The story got a retweet by former FCT minister, El-rufai and it has been trending as a topic on twitter.
Here is the beautiful piece by the one-time Presidential candidate, Dele Momodu

Culled from his Column on This Day
Karenplification Of Africa
Fellow Nigerians, I don't know what you have been watching lately on television but as for me and my house we have been hooked on BIG BROTHER AMPLIFIED. And I'm not ashamed to say it publicly. Permit me to say a big thank you to DSTV and MNET for entertaining Africa and for allowing us to know people from different parts of our continent.This is their sixth edition and after some wobbling and fumbling in the past I think they have succeeded in taking BIG BROTHER AFRICA to the zenith of entertainment. As a media person myself, I know how tough it must have been to come this far.

American Rapper, Travie McCoy Professes Love For Asa's Music+Adaeze Yobo Rated 92nd Sexiest Soccer Wife In The World

Asa is one of the few Nigerian artists (after Fela, KSA and others) with international recognition . She won over more fans in Europe and America after releasing 'beautiful Imperfection' album. And We just discovered another huge fan of Asa's music, and its American Rapper, Travie MCcoy. The 'Billionaire' Hit Maker also a member of Gym Class Heroes couldn't help but tweet this while listening to one of Asa's old classics.

'Fire on the mountain-Asa.... THIS is MUSIC. So in love with this girl.'


In related news, Asa is preparing for her world tour kicking off on August 5 in France and will be touring several countries in 4 continents; Africa, Europe, and Asia. Coming to Lagos, Nigeria september 14, 15, and 17.
You will quite agree with me that Joseph (super eagles player) and Adaeze are one of the most admired or adorable celeb couples in Nigeria. You can't just start counting the number of star footballers with chicks in the world. We've got more than 100 just in Nigeria alone. I'm just trying to tell you what it takes to be rated 92nd sexiest...Beacher Reports, 4th largest sport media site in US Compiled a list of 101 sexiest soccer Wives and girlfriends. And the 21 year old, mother of a baby son was ranked at 92. The 2008 most beautiful girl In Nigeria was One of the few black women that made the list

The media site describe her thus
'The former Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria married Fenerbahçe S.K. player Joseph Yobo and is also the step-daughter of football player John Fashanu.

Her world not only revolves around soccer, but soccer seems to revolve around her as she consistently flaunts her sexiness in front of the camera.

A unique beauty.'

July 29, 2011

JJC Is Back In Nigeria; Here Are Pictures From His Welcome Home Party 'Industry Nite'

Shank and Dr. Sid

Popular UK based Nigerian music producer, JJC is back in Nigeria, and he's here to stay. He arrived in Nigeria two weeks ago. JJC who has made it big already in UK producing for top UK music acts in like Lemar, big brovas and others had claimed that he came to establish his Big Boyz entertainment here in Nigeria and to promote his album as well as new artists (2Kriss, Lil Miss, Tipsy, Ab'Fresh, Teebeo, Noni Zondi, King Lexy) signed under his label. Rumours have been making rounds that dbanj and don jazzy's (whom he discovered back in UK) recent international breakthrough prompted his relocation to Nigeria. Oh well, I think he has already stated reasons why he came back to nigeria.

JJC and his Big Boyz all stars were joined by shank, MI, Dr. Sid, DJ Jimmy Jatt, Skales and others to celebrate veteran musican, JJC. The party which was tagged Industry nite With JJC and Big Boys All stars (hosted by MC Larry D) was held last week wednesday (July 20) at Oriental hotel, VI in Lagos. Big ups to the Industry Nite Team.

Thanks to Infinite Imagery for the Pictures

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July 28, 2011

PHOTOS: Famous Naija Celeb Dads With Their Happy Kids

9ice with zion
Wow! Most darling daddys.Check out the looks, resemblance. Oh! That girl got a lion share of 2face's DNA, looking too much like him. The boy is a carbon copy of RMD, with the sly smiles.
Even though some failed to maintain good relationships, They've managed to father children. No be small thing na.
peter and cameron (son)
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Paul Of PSquare Talks 'Love' Finally Revealed His Girlfriend, Anita

Unlike Peter, Paul hardly talk about his personal life. Could remember Paul disclosed one time that he prefers dark-skinned ladies. He finally opened up about his love life in a recent interview he had. He revealed his secret fiancee.

"I am a reserved person so I really don't like talking about my private life. Even if I have many women, I am not going to tell the public about it, because I am not the kind of man that will carry his woman to the public. But since you insist, my girlfriend's name is Anita, she just graduated from the University and
works in an oil company. I am not going to release a picture of us because I want no interference. I started dating her when I was a nobody, and today she has become a part of me. She is someone who doesn't care that I am famous. She has this belief of do you own thing, let me do mine. She is not just my girlfriend, she is also my best friend. She is a nice person even though every woman has her fault. She is in fact the best thing and the worst thing. When I say best, she is the best thing that makes me happy but she is also the only thing that makes me sad. Whenever she does something that hurts, it really hurts me. If we both have a quarrel, the pain is worse."


That's 9ice and the late singer, Amy Winehouse at the back stage of Mandela 46664 concert where 9ice shared the stage with Amy, and other top stars. The 27 year old singer was found dead in her London apartment some days back.

The Headies Add 'Best Conscious Music' To Awards List

The organizers of the prestigious award announced the inclusion of new category to this year's awards list making the number of categories 20+1. I was glad to hear that 'best conscious music category' was added considering the fact that the music industry is kind of expanding with good music been released every week.

Ayo Animashaun, the brain behind the award gave a good reason as to why this new category was added

"This is to reward best positive message and social corrective songs in the year in review. We thought it was overdue and there cannot be a better time than now especially with a lot of lewd lyrics and songs that hardly make any meaning. We recognise that music as an act is expressive of the state of mind, but we
thought it was necessary to introduce this category giving the peculiar environment in which we operate."

The nomination list will be released next week teusday (august 2). According to the organizers, for transparency and objectivity reasons voting by sms will influence 65% and voting online will influence 35%.

Nigeria Hosts Semi-Final Judging Of Emmy Awards

7 Nigerian judges (who are TV and movie professionals) have been selected for the semi final stage of the 39th edition of emmy awards. They will be deciding on the 9 names that made the semi-final of Emmy awards. The Semi final judging holds on 29 august in abuja.
Report has it that no Nigerian movie producer submitted their works for nominations.
In case you don't know, is a television production award equivalent to grammy awards (music) and oscar (movies). And there are three rounds of judging the emmy award winners. The preliminary stage, semi-final stage and the finals that holds in September. With four nominees selected in each category, the winners
are revealed at the International Emmy Awards Gala, held in November.
Ghana is another african country that hosted the semi-final. It was hosted in Ghana on teusday (July 26).

July 27, 2011

Rita Dominic Storms Kenya For Movie shoot

media and fans came out to welcome rita at the airport
Rita who was in Kenya in April for AMA awards stormed Kenya again to debut in her first Kenyan movie. A Kenyan based film production is about to star Nollywood actress, rita Dominic in a Kenyan movie titled 'Shattered'.
Rita landed in kenya two days ago; and all is set for the movie shoot as she disclosed that she has done rehearsals for the movie already on teusday (yesterday) and attended press conference this morning. Rita who is playing the role of a middle-class citizen who deals with the long term effect of child abuse and years of neglect claimed her role in the movie is her most challenging role ever.
mumbi, robert (cast members) and rita

Cossy Thinks Her Boyfriend Broke Up With Her Coz He couldn't Afford A Gift (Range Rover)

cossy on the set of her music video
Range rover sport is one ride our naija celebs have fallen in love with lately as they take turns buying the luxurious ride. Talking of celebs and their range rovers; MI, 2face, AY comedian and others are also proud owners.

You agree with me, We know much about cossy's boobs than her private life. In what seems like a big joke to me, she opened up about her recent break up with her boyfriend.
" Broke up last week over flimsy stuffs, I felt bad!!Been thinking why?
Now I know why he left. He promised me a Range for my birthday Oct.15, guess he can't meet up. Won't take him back after my birthday.
Hmmmm...a case of poor boy and expensive chick?

Cossy who just released two music videos to tracks off her upcoming album will be holding the album launch party on october 15 (on her birthday).

Terry G Showing Off His Colourful Hair, To Release New Album 'Terry G Zuz' In Mid-August

Terry G showed us his crazy hair-do or rather new hair colour.
That looks like some half black, half blonde hair color. That's one of his craziest hair-do.
His new album will be titled terry G zuz...trying to play on the word Jesus?? I guess.
In a short chat I had with him, he revealed that the album will be releasing in 3 weeks time, mid-august. Terry G just released the second single, Baby Don't Go off Terry G zuz. And he said the CD album will go for N150. Terry who disclosed that they've shot the video for 'baby don't go' already said he will be releasing video for his latest hit track, Akpako master in some days time.

July 26, 2011

PHOTOS: Bez "Super Sun" Album Release Party In Lagos

Bez serenading the crowd

Cobham's C.A.M.P signed artist, Bez released his long awaited debut album, Super Sun on sunday (July 24) as he held a special album release party held at SS Lounge, Victoria Island in Lagos. Bez was joined by top stars like soundsultan, Toolz, Nikki Laoye, Cobhams, Timi Dakolo, Eric, basketmouth and others.
Cobhams and wife
                                      CHECK MORE PICTURES AFTER THE CUT  

New Video: Sossick ft. Dagrin - Jor oh

Before Da Grin passed away, he teamed up with his producer Sossick ( also hiphop friends) on Jor oh. Sossick who dropped the track some months ago has finally released the music video directed by Gini (known for directing Da Grin's pon pon pon Video). Cameos by Lay low, YQ, Konga, Eva

Big Brother Star, Karen Working As A Video Vixen Before Fame [Pictures]

Karen gets her shot to stardom in less than 90 days in the big brother house. While the act has generated a lot of
heat across board following her £4000 silicon boobs, interestingly, her weird personality has earned her not only fame but fans; yeah! She has more fans all over africa.
Big ups to Denrele for discovering Karen. I laughed when he said she's her partner-in-craze. I'm sure raising Karen to become a star is Denrele's biggest achievement so far. I guess. He got into the BBA housen that's after getting her featured on some music videos. Just yesterday, he took time out to post pictures of Karen at various video shoots.

Truth to be hold, Karen got the house amplified. The most famous BBA product ever should go to her

Its just 5 days to the end of big brother Amplified season and unveiling the two winners.

From the look of things, everybody has been speculating trying to guess who the winners are, and Karen is one girl everyone is tipping as one of the winners . But we all need to vote her text 'Karen' to 34350 on your phone or go to bigbrotherafrica.com to vote Karen and Vina.

karen on the set of 'omo getto 2'
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July 25, 2011

How Well Do You Know Don Jazzy? Here Is Jimmy's Interview With Don Jazzy's Father

Collins Enebeli

Its no news that the romance between Collins Ifeanyi Onwuneme Ajereh Enebeli And Patience Enebeli produced Micheal Enebeli (popularly known as Don Jazzy), James Enebeli, Joy Solano (married to Solano), and DPrince (oh, sorry I never asked for his real name). Little did Collins know that the foundation of today's success has been carefully crafted and executed by him when he gave birth to these kids turned stars.

Collins Enebeli was involved in everything from the production and presentation of the artists he managed, promoted, marketed, and publicly defended. Collins is a trustee, and   founding executive member of AMAN (Artist Managers Association in Nigeria). This association brought together artist managers from all corners of nigeria.  A diverse organization which  heralded new talented, business savvy, and intellectually  creative minds of  those years. The organization harmonized all existing  forms of music in the industry from the mid 1980's to the late 1990's. Beside his commitment to managing, producing, promoting, and marketing artists, Collins was also at the front-line of war against piracy. His contributions, although unnoticed by many, energized nigerian artists to vigorously defend their professional rights. He was one of the patrons of Vanguard For Musicians Rights (VFMR).

 Check Out The interview  He Had With Jimmy Sonde

New Music: Nnena Omali - Palava

Nnena Omali was the same singer featured on the award winning song 'Cry' with rapper Modenine a few years back. Her single 'Oluchi' was once nominated at the Sound City Music Video Awards in the best female video category. Her latest music titled 'Palava' is attached
Check her out

Follow Her On Twitter @NnenaOmali

Listen Here

Updated: Wale Drops Psquare's No One Be Like You Freestyle [Download]

Rickross' Maybach music group artist and Nigerian-born rapper, Wale can't stop showing how well he reps Naija out there. But the funniest part of it is, he hasn't being to Naija, and not even sure if he's planning to come anytime soon.
The rapper who just dropped a single he featured Wiz Khalifa has freestyled on Psquare's hit track, No One Be like You.
Wale disclosed last night that he will be delaying the release till today.
He tweeted
'should i drop this "no one be like you" freestyle
for #teamgreenandwhite today? its too late tonight ...ill drop it tomorrow ..its
special ...'
Wonder how he's going to flow on that beat with his go-go style of rap. Wale's sophomore LP, 'Ambition' will be released on November 1, 2011.

wale has finally dropped the track. its a dope one i must say. lines like 'omo naija show your lighter' 'naeto c yeah we 10 over 10' 'im tryna make sunnier days (sunny ade)' got me laughing


July 24, 2011

Wtf?? Don Jazzy Wears His Pajama Pants Everywhere!

feeling cool on pj??
Oh! Now I can authoritatively tell you, don Jazzy is not only sick beat wise, but also when it comes to dressing.
That's him In a before-bed look putting on Fanta T-shirt paired with 'Coca-cola' print PJ pants. Lol

T-shirts and pyjamas with a palm slippers on. Don Jazzy keeping it ordinary!! Or he's just trying out fashionable new look. I could remember some days back, He was sighted in a London club wearing Pyjamas.
I think its just the new craze out there. Don Jazzy is just embracing new fashion trend, you know how people look up to celebs for fashion inspiration. I learnt some people in north America now rock Pyjamas in public.
But, seriously, I'm not buying the idea, it makes you look like you too lazy to get dressed or like you overslept. But they are made in such a way that are not intended in the public.

July 23, 2011

The Media Going Too Hard On Kelly Hansome?

He has been accused of starting 'unnecessary' feuds with some of his colleagues in the industry. And kelly's pain is that the media failed to listen to his own part of the story each time he's into controversies. Read what Kelly has to say about the media. Is he proving a point there?

"They're not cos they put out False news sometime that I slept with Actress Anita Joseph..lol guess they were paid to do that
Anybody can buy a domain name and put a few pages together with whatever rubbish written on it and publish it, that don't change the truth!!

July 22, 2011

Humour | Aki & Pawpaw On PSquare's Packs

Oh well, Aki and Pawpaw are leaving their 'funny kids' character behind to get some Peter and Paul packs. The Ben 10 stars, Yeah, naija ben 10 looking endowed in those errmmm...packs. Lol

The Funny Side Of Banky W; Writes On Caffeine, Monkey And Stubborn Rat In The EME Crib

Banky W is one of the few naija celebs that blogs. And trust me, he does it well. I'm sure you will enjoy his latest post coz its quite humorous. And you just wonder if truly all these happened in Banky's crib (where the EME boyz stay).
The Home to your boys WizKid, Skales, and I, as well as a few other people (managers, pa's, friends, etc) who would CLAIM they don't live here (*side eye*) has some serious issues to tackle. One of which is caffeine addiction.

Kelly Hansome Cooking Up New Beef?

Kelly hansome is dropping another diss track aimed at his former Record label owners (Kennis Music). And sometimes ago, Kelly said he went to beg them accompanied by his family members for forgiveness after Kennis music demanded 6million naira from him to end his contract with the label. But now, the story has changed again, Kelly is back in the studio to do his thing, what he's known for; dissing. He said
"Brand new bomb, 'Letter to kennis music' dropping soon....an experience above normal".

Like Kelly finds pleasure in taking on his colleagues in the music game.
He first tweeted 'Ok tweeterz, Who'z the Wackest Rapper in Nigeria?'

Oh! Kelly hansome souinding like a big mouth trouble maker there or he's just trying to seek attention again??

'I prefer...Wande Coal to Dbanj, Vector to MI'
who finds pleasure in rating his colleagues?? I mean who does this??

And later, someone tweeted this at him
"sup kels!ppiece of advice bro.take it or leave it.dis diss thing its nt worth d studio stress."
He replied
"Beef? Are we still on that? I'm on some new shit cutie"


July 20, 2011

Imo State Governor Appoints Uche As The State's Chief Comedian & Nollywood Actress As Special Assistant

Here comes the generous Governor. And everybody have been talking about the plethora of special assistants appointed by Governors Rochas Okorocha. More than 70 special advisers?? When a governor we know well has appointed none. In a state with nearly empty treasury?

Comedian, Uche Ogbuagu known for producing 'Bad Condition' that was commercially successful in the 90s was appointed Chief Comedian of the state. To make the governor laugh during sad times? Lol

And nollywood actress, Nkiru Sylvanus was appointed special Assistant on Lagos affairs. Hmmmm!

And I heard husband and wives are on the list. He tried to please everybody that worked towards his victory as governor or what?

Frank Edoho Talks Divorce From Wife, Katherine 'it’s irreconcilable!’

After more than 5 years of many ups and downs, Frank Edoho is ready to move on.

The 'Who Wants To Be A Millionaire' Show host finally opened up via twitter about his highly publicized troubled marriage with Katherine. Unlike the way Katherine painted him bad in the media in 2007, Frank gave props to Katherine as a good mother.

Frank poured out his heart on twitter;

"When I talk about what really went down,jaws will drop and then u'll learn that if u want to get hitched,make sure it's your soul mate! Pls!"

"Hi Tweeps! Thanks for all your support. There's no reconciliation for me on this matter.No more ball-and-chain 4 me.I've had it! I'm OUT!".

"Hi people.Wife-beater story was in 2007 and I see hurtful comments abt me now.You've watched me for 8 yrs.Do I look like I treat women with no respect?".
"We've been separated for over a year now and I want to say Kathy is a great Mum & a good person. But it wasn't working. Forget press stories".

"Hey ppl! Just want u to know that I wld never do anything to hurt my family. But sadly, I am separated from my wife & it's irreconcilable!".

"We've been separated for over a year now and I want to say Kathy is a great Mum & a good person. But it wasn't working. Forget press stories".

"Hey ppl! Just want u to know that I wld never do anything to hurt my family. But sadly, I am separated from my wife & it's irreconcilable!".

PHOTOS | Femi Kuti And Asa Rocks The Stage At Montreux Jazz Festival 2011

In Montreux, Switzerland Femi Kuti and Asa joined top music legends all over the world; BB King, Quincy Jones, Seal, Ziggy Marley and many more at the Montreux Jazz festival. Its the 44th edition of the prestigious jazz festival, one of the biggest music festival in the world. Its good know that Asa (who is currently on world tour) and Femi represented africa at the event, as the likes of Fela Kuti, James Brown performed at previous editions. Check out pictures of Asa and Femi performing on stage stunning thousands of fans at the festival
 Check Pictures and video after cut

July 19, 2011

Jimmy Chats With Weza Of Big Brother Amplified

So I got Angolan BBA contestant, Weza Solange Da Silva who was evicted alongside Alex and Miss P sometimes ago to talk about big brother amplified and housemates. Yh! We gossiped about them..lol
In the chat, Weza talked about her regret, lesson, and others.
Ok first, Weza told me how bad she felt when she saw her nude pictures all over the internet. Her manager told me she wept for a whole day.
Many listed her among the smartest girl in the house. The 26 years old contestant is a TV presenter on Channel O and also a model.

Jimmy: Tell me few things you learnt while in BB house?
Weza: i learned how to listen to other people's views & options(not easy),
deal with different cultures & personalities etc
Jimmy: Tell me something about the show that fans don't realize?
Weza: Things are not what they seem,f even though its LIVE, a lot of things don't get shown, so certain "conversations" are 1 sided etc. So don't believe everything u see. Situations are exaggerated for pure entertainment.
Jimmy: Who do you tip as your BBA winner?
Weza: Karen and Luclay
Jimmy: Who are you missing right now in the house?
Weza: Hanni
Jimmy: Was the relationship between you and Alex genuine?

Don Jazzy's Co-Produced Track Off Kanye West & JayZ's Album Made The Final Cut

And the track list off Jayz and Kanye West collaborative album has been released. To my surprise, don Jazzy's name was on the production credits. He co-produced track two, Lift Off that featured beyonce. Great one there Don Baba J. The album will be dropping early august.

See for yourself

1. No Church In The Wild (Feat. Frank Ocean) (Prod. By Kanye West, Mike Dean & Ken Lewis)

2. Lift Off (Feat. Beyoncé) (Prod. By Kanye West, Mike Dean, Jeff Bhasker, Q-Tip & Don Jazzy) (Add Vocals. By Seal, Mr Hudson, Don Jazzy, Bankulli and Ricardo Louis)

3. Niggas In Paris (Produced by Hit-Boy)

4.Otis (Feat. Otis Redding) (Produced by Kanye West)

July 17, 2011

Spotted | Genevieve Nnaji Kicking It With Solange Knowles At Merah Club, London

Beyonce's younger sister, Solange knowles who was earlier spotted at Net-A-Porter party for Dolce &Gabbana (also attended by Genevieve) attended her DJ party at Merah Club, London. Genevieve also spotted at the party while she celebrates with Solange.
That's Genny looking simple as always as she makes a stylish entrance into the club.

Funke Adesiyan Flaunts Her Engagement Ring?

Is the nollywood yoruba actress ready to take the next step of marriage?
Funke who was once romantically linked with Saheed Balogun has gotten engaged.
Funke posted a picture showcasing her new engagement ring.

Nigerian Singer, Lami Adopts A Whole Orphanage

Lami might be new to the music industry but she's making a good move outside music, giving back to the society as if she has made so much from her music career.

The UN ambassador for peace is setting an example for many celebs as she adopts a whole orphanage (The Nigerian Red Cross Society Motherless' Babies' Home) through her NGO, be the change.

Lami said this after visiting the orphanage
"I have been seeking to support a specific cause in the society and have considered a number of institutions. But when I visited the Nigerian Red Cross Society, Motherless Babies' Home, Makoko and shared experiences with the kids, my heart settled on them."

July 16, 2011

Meet Nigerian-born London Queen, Rissikat Bade Miss England 2011 Finalist!

Rissikat, 21 years old Nigerian law student won Miss London Pageant recently as she makes the seven Miss England 2011 finalists representing London.
Born in Congo to Nigerian parents, she went to Ukraine a week after she was born, moved to UK 11 years later. She has been tipped as hot favourite for the Miss England crown holding on July 19.
The beauty queen talking about how she was rejected by many modeling companies, said
'I've approached about a hundred different modeling agencies, from the top agencies down to the mediocre ones. Even the worst agencies still rejected me...'I was so disappointed and so upset. I kept on thinking 'what is wrong with me'
Here is her profile

Spotted | Genevieve Nnaji At Dolce & Gabbana Party In UK

stefano gabbana and domenico dolce

A party was held for Popular Italian designers, Dolce and Gabbana in UK by Net-a-Porter.com. The designers were celebrating the launch of their collactions on Net-A-Porter.com. The event was attended by Queen Latifah, Naomi Campbell, Kayla King, Our very own Genevieve and of course STEFANO GABBANA and DOMENICO DOLCE of Dolce and Gabbana
Everyone at the party wore the latest collections of dolce and gabbana creations...that's the dresscode.
That's Genevieve looking fab in Dolce and Gabbana's Leopard print dress.
Like Genevieve and Naomi are now best of friends. This is the second time that Genny and Naomi have been spotted together at events.

vanessa amadi, domenico dolce, genevieve nnaji
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