January 7, 2012

Don Jazzy, desmond Elliot express regret for endorsing Goodluck

Back in April 2011, nollywood stars like Genevieve, Desmond Elliot, Ini Edo, and others got featured in a campaign advert for Goodluck called "Nollywood unite for Jonathan", and stars like Dbanj, Don Jazzy went ahead to do a campaign jingle for Goodluck. They faced heavy criticism from fans and media.

Interestingly, Desmond elliot and Don Jazzy have turned their backs on President Goodluck, following the removal of Oil subsidy that saw the price of petrol more than double. Just like so many other celebs, the two stars have taken to twitter to protest against the removal of fuel subsidy. Among the tweets was this from Don Jazzy.

"I hardly regret decisions I make. That my one vote added to put the current government in power is one decision I regret with all my heart."

"God knows that government has not given Mohits any penny like I have always told you guys. I am boldly putting [it] out here for anybody to contest. We all voted for the guy [President Jonathan] because at the time, we thought and believed he would be the one to move the country forward. My conscience is clear,"

My dear I will say again i asked people to vote for change am so sorry this isn't the change i asked for but i did it. Cos I believed it was time the next generation took over RT @LabiLayori: @jumokukus @jum @deselliot yeah rite! Wud like to see dem all on tv saying "we regret our actions o" - Desmond replied to tweet.

@deselliot definitely got paid by the PDP & other vampires. where wud they get $$$ to film ads? These celebs think they're gods or somethin"
These are tweets that are coming back to haunt Don Jazzy and Desmond Elliot now, as they try to convince their fans that they never got paid to campaign for Goodluck.

"RT @boycottPDP:non of. Us got paid oga so pls shut up wit the. Xcracter assasination and tell us. Wat the remedy is" Desmond replied

Meanwhile, Genevieve's insistence of remaining on the fence over the issue has been condemned by fans

Genevieve tweeted
"I still can't help but feel it (fuel subsidy removal) is the right move at the wrong time. There is tension and unease."
"i could see the point but i don't think a proper explanation was given to the public."


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  1. If DESMOND ELLIOT says he did not receive 3 million naira to be in that advert, let thunder strike him down. If he did not nothing will happen to him


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