January 15, 2012

Timaya on what He never liked about Rapper Eedris, why He parted ways with Ksolo

33 year old singer, Timaya started out on Eedris' label. The "plaintain seller" singer in a rare bare it all interview with Vanguard where he recounted the years of his life working under Eedris, finally opened up on why he left Ksolo (Ksolo told his side of the story exclusively to Jimmy Sonde ).

On Eedris

Eedris is a good person and one of the things I cherish about him is his fearlessness and self confidence. He has charisma and knows how to charm and pamper the audience. I learnt that from him.
But like every good person he has his short comings. I don't like being in a place where I am tolerated and Eedris does this very well. He never paid me a dime in the three years I worked for him
except for an occasion he gave me N1000 after a show in Kuramo beach.
Everybody that worked with Eedris when I was with him had a dream but he never helped make their dream happen.
Today all the boys in my band are car owners and live well on their own. I don't owe them because I know they have families. As they've helped build my career, I also owe them the opportunity to help build theirs too.
Eedris never did all of these for his band boys and that was his problem. He never had time for anyone.

On why he parted ways with Ksolo

...He produced the Timaya beat for Dem Mama song after I sang it to him. At the time I hooked up with K-Solo, he'd just left secondary school. Still Basorge wont let me be, but my actions told him I was in a hurry and couldn't wait for a label
that was yet to take off. He wished me well. I gathered money from friends in Port-Harcourt and I came back to Lagos. I hooked up with K- Solo in his studio in Mafoluku Oshodi and that's how our
relationship began. I'd take a bike from my sister's place in Oshodi to his place every time we had sessions and I paid
him for everything. I never owed him.
....the guys gave me an upfront payment totalling N300, 000 and I returned to Lagos to pay K-Solo to begin work on my album. I paid him upfront every time we had sessions.
When we recorded seven songs, he told me he was tired and made some beats and asked me to go.
The reason I'm telling you all these is to let you know that I paid K-Solo for every job he did for me. I had issues with him because he was using some of my slogans on songs he produced for others. I warned him against it. Again I had to let him go because my music was beginning to sound monotonous, same beat. I realised it wasn't me anymore recording, it was the producer, so I sought to change him. I have since worked with other producers because I didn't want to sound same.
The next thing I heard was him telling people I stayed in his house and that I am a small boy. A man younger than me calling me a small boy, was the limit.



  1. Timaya-Are u surprise?shouldn't be pls,y are now a sinning star,y do make u think people who want to be like u won't talk about u.carry on,the lord is ur streight.

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