January 13, 2012

Tiwa Savage put twitter fan on blast...for rude comment on her tweeted picture

tweeted picture: tiwa savage with a fan during the feul susbsidy removal protest
Tiwa Savage is not one to shy away from responding to critics. The "love me love me" crooner got into a twitter war with a fan. Tiwa Savage cursed the fan out for making not-so-nice comments about a picture Tiwa savage took with a fan during the fuel subsidy removal protests.
"you no even fine. Nah only on top TV you dey fine." fan on twitter blasted Tiwa.

"you are very stupid and senseless. Your face and heart is UGLY." Tiwa savage fired back

Fan-"So immature, Lol. You are f**king rude with no manners. F**k you." Fan replied.
"you are a waste to the Nigerian population."

Tiwa savage-"I dont giv a f**k. After all you can kiss transformer for me being a waste,"
Fan replied
"it hit you hard abi? Next time, think before you open your smelling mouth. Ode oshi (stupid fool)."

Fan-"if I hit you hard, I'm sure you will forget you have a music career. I just pity u ni."

Tiwa Savage-"*hit a woman abi? Well done,"



  1. The guy is immature even if u see an urgly person must u say it>>it shows he's irresponsible saying he will hit a woman Tiwä learn to be quiet to things like diz if i were yhu i wld tell him thank yhu instead of exchanging words wiv him u are a star he's nt

  2. D guy is a retarded fool,if she ugly its non of ur business u can @least kip it urself.tiwa u also nid to watch ur anger cos u b celebrity while is not.I love u jare babe


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