January 21, 2012

Toni Payne 'damn excited' about 9ice...

Apparently, Toni Payne doesn't hold any ill will toward her baby father, 9ice. I can understand her wanting to move on with her life and not wanting to malign 9ice. She wants us to believe she's just a fan of 9ice's music and nothing more.
Despite hints of a possible reunion in Toni Payne's tweets, 9ice still insists he has moved on to someone else. In Toni's heart or playlist, there's still a place for 9ice.
Toni Payne now expresses how much support she still has for him. She's been excited about 9ice's album launch party holding in March.
Her tweets

"9ice the Official Bashorun Gaa & Versus Album Concert – March 11, 2012 at Eko Hotel & Suites.. I wudnt miss it 4 d world. *dancing alanta*
Time to brush up on my Alanta against March 11.. Been waiting 4 dis concert 4 ages… Na me go 1st reach dere. *shakes bum bum* Hehehe
Awon temi lori twirra. Holla at me wit a retweet, if u r coming for 9ice's Concert on March 11.. We must see face 2 face n parry 2geda o.
Gud Morning Tweeps. Its 51 Days till 9ice
Bashorun Gaa & Versus Album Concert – March 11 @ Eko Hotel Hotel& Suites V.I.. #CountingDown
Dear GAA, I mean 9ice. Pls perform Tempo wiv @ BankyW on March 11, wen u do, let it b after my 2nd glass of Champagne & pls dim d lites. Tnx
Hmm thinking March 11 – 9ice Concert – 6 inch heels or Studded Slippers? Which will help me boogy better?
I'm one of d few people I know who don't know how to contain my excitement. It shows all over my body.
One thing I know bout 9ice, aside from being an intelligent dude, wen it comes 2 his music, he no dey play.. March11 will go dwn in History
And to think I was planning a trip to yankee march.. Yankee can like to stop shebe 4 now.. Emi fe boogy down
And pls if u r dere, do mark where I'm sitting so if he shud perform Buje Budanu, spraying ME is very much allowed. Pounds preferd Hehehe
Time to brush up on my Alanta against March 11..Been waiting 4 dis concert 4 ages… Na me go 1st reach dere. *shakes bum bum* Hehehe
Omg I can picture me dancing all nite already.. If he shud just try me n perform Iya Alariya, my bumbum will be in trouble oo. LoooL"



  1. Toni is still in love wiv 9ice....she's so excited abt the party i guess 9ice will nt fall again?

  2. You bloggers are so irresponsible in how you report news to the public although I do not see how her tweets is "news". 9ice and Payne are still very married with no sign of divorce anytime soon. She is his wife so she can support him if she likes. Mr Reporter Get off twitter and go cover boko haram because the picture of 9ice and Payne you people are trying to paint, we are not buying anymore. If I want news about them ill follow them myself on twitter.

    1. Whats your fuss about the report?

    2. It simply make no sense. Tell ur writer to at least make some proffessional write up in his report.

  3. She is a fool jor! Why is she still in denial, d guy has moved on, what's her stress? hardworking babe for that matter!

  4. Itz obvious that you jimmy of a guy does not av a manner atall. 9ice industry nite was abt some days ago, u were not at anywhere to be found, even at your blog no report, but here come ur foolish report about tweets of some1 who got her life to live. My word to you is they will keep going stronger day by day nd u would keep written these ur craps.


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