February 27, 2012

Actress Stella Damasus Writes on Nollywood stars' fake "Glamorous life"... Rude or Just Being honest?

Stella Damasus wrote a controversial post on her blog recently. The actress who has been seen on TV more recently as a show host writes about her colleagues living the high life to impress...

I looked at the clock on the wall. It was already 5pm and I still had one more homework to finish with my 9-year-old daughter. My phone rang a few times and as I saw the name of the caller, I didn't pick it up.My daughter noticed my constant glances at the clock and said to me "mummy you can go you know. It's Friday and I don't have to submit this in school till Monday".I really didn't want to leave the house but she went into my room and brought the invitation card to me. "Mummy you have to go because this person has been calling for this event for the past onemonth." I took the invitation card from her and looked at it again; it was for a movie premiere and a lot of hype had been done about this movie. It was the rave of the moment and everyone whomattered in showbiz was going to be at this movie premiere. Well, everyone but me."Mummy I know that look. You have to be there". So I jumped in the shower, looked through my wardrobe and got the first thing that my hands could grab. A simple but beautiful dress… comfortable for the evening.As I arrived at the Silverbird Galleria on Victoria Island, the car park was jam-packed and my driver had issues with parking. "This movie must be amazing," I thought to myself. As I stepped into the atrium at the galleria, I was greeted by aswarm of pressmen. Flashing cameras,microphones and more questions than my brain could process were coming at me like bullets.
The red carpet was packed as I saw colleagues, good friends, not-so-good friends, producers and 'everybody' looking like a million dollars. "I musthave stumbled onto the red carpet at the Oscars," I thought.In my normal tradition, I tried to avoid the red carpet because my mission was to come and see a good film. I didn't come for paparazzi drama. I tried to make my way upstairs to the cinema hall but the producer grabbed me by the hand, and informed me that the movie wouldn't start showing for another two hours! "Two hours?!", I exclaimed. What was I going to be doing standing around for another two hours?Quietly, I walked into an adjoining door that led to a store. I chose to rest my legs there till the event would start. From where I was seated I could seethe entire red carpet and the activities happening. I saw movie stars all 'glammed up'. Those who were not noticed by the paparazzi did everythingthey could to get the attention of the press.Someone even caused a scene as she was upset she was ignored by a photographer from Ovation Magazine. How bizarre! My mind began to wonderas I saw actresses dressed in $2,000 clothes and carrying $3,000 Louis Vouitton bags. I wondered to myself, "I hope her mother does not live in a rented apartment while she is carrying that bag o."The truth is, this is now the norm in theentertainment industry. People try so hard to live the glamorous life, thus struggling on a daily basis to maintain the high life. Entertainers in Nigeria today now want to live like our Americancounterparts who obviously earn more money and have a better structured system where they are paid royalties. A system where credit facilities areavailable, such that you can drive a $100,000 car without having to pay the full cash for the ride.Why would a Nollywood actress choose to buy the same dress that Angelina Jolie wore to the Oscars when Angelina earns a whopping $20 million per movie and she earns about N800,000? Besides,Angelina did not even pay for the dress and jewelry because a certain designer just made it available for her to use for the event in return for publicity and brand association.In a bid to stay ahead of our colleague and be the ones to shine, most entertainers will give an arm and a leg to adorn the latest clothes, shoes and jewelry. They take tons of pictures and Blackberry and Twitter are the quickest ways to promote their new outfits or show the world that they attendedcertain events. They live for the glam life with little or no focus on their craft.At 8:30 p.m., I started making my way into the hall that the film was going to be screened. As I made my way through the crowd, I noticed that the red carpet was still crowded and the movie was scheduled to start in a few minutes. I entered the hall and it was quite scanty because the people who were meant to see the movie were still on thered carpet…including the producer and the cast of the film. That was rather disappointing but at least I had time to get a great seat for the best view inthe room....Entertainers are more concerned about the size of their bank accounts and how they look in front of the cameras for the paparazzi. Nobody cares if they are having a positive impact on their fans and generations yet unborn.These days, celebrities have made it a norm to celebrate their birthdays in orphanages. They make a media event out of it and make the world believe that they really care. The question is,before and after the parties, do they ever stop by these orphanages to find out how they can help improve the lives of these kids. How have they given back to the society or helped people who genuinely have problems that need to be solved.

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  1. Dear Jimmy, this is stealing another persons work. Stop it now. Just quote and send us to her blog. I respect you too much

  2. shes just being honest in a rude way. first, its safe to say she wrote this coz shes not been getting roles in movies, but truth be told, most nollywood stars are faking it, but stella is not in the right position to write about this.


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