February 25, 2012

Groupie leaks Davido's bedroom PICS After one of those nights

A young undergraduate studying in Ghana - Sonia Jumbo, in her quest to turn her 3 minutes of being a groupie into 3 minutes of fame leaked intimate pictures of Davido on her twitter page. We glad she didnt show his ass, like they did to wande.
"free me abeg, all na hustle..." Sonia (@Sonia_la_bomb) tweeted, after being condemned by her followers
The photos show 19 year old Davido lying on a bed topless after a long sex session? I guess.
Celebs Beware!
Check her nude pic after the cut



  1. I don't see him awake. Foe all I can see, he cud have been a setup.

  2. sonia_la_bomb z a hoe

  3. To me, this is not a subject matter to be discuss on. Davido and the girl should bury their heads in shame. This shows how insensitive and in-mature davido is. For the girl, she is so stupid to have come up with the stuff on air. If i may asked, what does she want to achieve with this? fame... crazy, if she want to achieve fame, she should look for better fame than that. While on the part of you, Jimmy Sonde, please learn to be impartial in your statement. you are a blogger, past and let your viewers judge and to be frank with you, you heading is annoying and provocative!

  4. Shameful hoe she is at 18 years. Opportunist looser


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