March 17, 2012

Meet Genevieve Nnaji's family - Her Brother & Mum

Genevieve known for keeping a low profile has ensured that has personal life has stayed private. Genevieve revealed
intimate family moments, as she shared a picture of her family (Mum and brother) taken during Her brother's graduation ceremony, through her facebook page. Her brother, Stephen Nnaji graduated from University of London International Programme on March 13.

Aren't they lovely?

More Pics After The Cut



  1. This family should stop lying about Genevieve raising a child. They gave the child away oton

    1. And Why are you telling us this? What's your own and what is it to you? Are you the father? :-S

  2. I didn't see a mention about her child anywhere here ke!!! Abi is the brother now the child? And when did u speak to the family or hear the family speak about the child on Genny's behalf? Ur aggro for Genny shows thru ur comment more than the info u r trying to pass across. No knows the child so no one should really give a f**k! But pray tell, why do u?

  3. well some of us know about the child. and the fact that she was given away after her birth. but hai who cares. she was young and this happens everyday. why is hers any different. before they are celebs, they are human


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