May 28, 2012

Timaya loves being a Dad but not ready for marriage

Barbara and Timaya
After the drama with Empress Njamah, Timaya has managed to fall in love again. Yes, he's been dating an upcoming Nollywood actress by the name 'Barbara' for more than two years now.

Few days ago, Timaya and Barbara became parents for the first time.Timaya who revealed that his baby's name shall be Emmanuella Perere Timaya in an interview with E-Punch, talks candidly about his relationship with Barbara and why he is not ready to marry her. Apparently, Timaya didn't love her enough to marry her, or he isn't looking to settle down with just one woman?

Not only is he not ready for marriage, he is also working on being a better boyfriend.

Check out his interview with E-Punch

On his relationship with Barbara

I wanted to have a baby by Barbara because she is my kind of woman; the kind of woman I'd like to spend the rest of my life with and this was why I decided from the outset that I'd go the whole hog with her. But she knows that marriage is not something we will dabble into now.

On why he wants his kids to be named after him

I'm building my own dynasty which is why my baby and the other ones that would come after her would bear Timaya as their surname not Odom.

On being a better boyfriend & Dad, and why he's not ready for marriage

Marriage comes with a lot of responsibilities which are beyond financial or material things. God has blessed me with everything a man needs to have a successful married life and you can bet that Emmanuella and Barbara will get the best of everything money can buy but personally, I don't feel ready for it."



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