August 21, 2012

DPrince adds new shoulder tattoo to his collection

Mavin star, Dprince added a new ink design to his already tattooed body.
The 'Take banana' singer whipped off his shirt and told his fans on twitter that he had gotten a new tattoo. He got Russian words tatted on his shoulders. Wondering what that means? Well, we need Dprince of efizzy himself to translate that.
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Dprince showing off his new ink and expensive timepiece



  1. Literally translated подарочныe means ‘gift’ and проклятие means ‘damnation’, I think he wanted to put ‘Gift and Curse’, but obviously what he got turned out to be something else. See, Russian is an interesting language as the same word can have a totally different meaning when the last letter is changed.

  2. cool 1 4rm d prince )Omoba

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