August 24, 2012

Music Video: Nenaya Jazmine - Summertime

In 2010, Nenaya released her first official single "Cloud Nine", to which she shot a music video. In 2011 she followed up with a remix of 'Cloud Nine' where she featured up and coming Nigerian rapper L.A.C.E.

Apart from dabbing into her musical aspirations, Jazmine also aspires to produce films and commercials. She produced a promotional video for L.A.C.E.'s second single *"On the Block"*.

She continues to work on independent projects like 'Follow Nenaya Jazmine to Accra, Ghana', which documents her 2010/2011 trip to Ghana. She actually produced and edited the entire 15 minute 'music-documentary' herself and shot most of the scenes. The video has close to 10,000 hits on YouTube. Nenaya also produced the promotional video 'Shout out to VIO Africa', which was done for YouTube giant – TruAfrica.

Jazmine currently shuttles between the United States and Nigeria, as an independent artist who releases projects through 'Books Media'. She hopes to continue with her aspirations whether in front of, or behind the camera.

Nenaya Jazmine presents her latest single "Summertime", which she describes as 'laid back' and 'an easy listen'. Her intent was to capture the essence of summer time with a song. She confesses that she'd always wanted to do an ode to summertime. The music video for "Summertime" was shot in the U.S.



  1. who is she? she's not bad sha n the video is HOT!

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