September 20, 2012

Charly boy now living as a woman named 'Linda' ? - See pics of him as Linda

Charly boy, might actually identify as a female, Last month, charly boy claimed he has created a female alter ego calling himself"Linda"

With lipsticks and pancake on his face, he must have discovered the woman inside him. Well, the 61-year-old grandfather is not shy about it.

Describing his alter-ego Linda as a "good" woman, he said:
"this is not me! This is not Charlyboy! This is Linda. Linda is my Sister. She is a very good woman, and can be so nice to you if you get close. Have you met Linda before? No, you just saw Linda some few minutes ago, but you do not know her. If you know Linda, you will hate Charlyboy. Yes, you will continue to hang around Linda."

Here are pics of Charly boy dressed as his female alter ego Linda
More Pics After The Cut



  1. Apparently,dis man is completely insane

  2. I think he need deliverance I wonder wht his family doin abt this

  3. May God help dis man o,abeg e wife dey try o.


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