September 19, 2012

Rick Ross drops Nigeria version of “Hold Me Back” video...slum scenes trigger mixed reaction

'I luv NigeRia. #thanku for thE ExpieriEncE. #baNg #GfiD #GFIDFans' Rickross tweeted a few hours before he dropped the controversial video

Rick Ross shot the original video for "Hold Me Back," in the Calliope Projects, New Orleans. And now he has dropped an alternate version of 'hold me back' video shot in Lagos, Nigeria . In the video, Rickross was filmed while walking through the gritty streets of Lagos showing us the struggles of the poor in the slum. The video has triggered mixed reaction on the nigerian twitter-verse over Rickross' portrayal of the country as flat out poor. Rickross had shot a similarly ghetto-esque version of the video in the slums of New Orleans, so we guess he meant no harm. But some Nigerians nonetheless see it differently.

These are some of the many tweets by a few Nigerians on twitter in reaction to the video.

" it's not. i live in the real Nigeria and my house isn't on water."

"he (Rickross) should have balanced the video to show both ends! You and I don't live like that in Nigeria"

"this rick ross' video in nigeria is wrong on so many levels!!!"

"The fact is... Rick Ross' #HoldMeBack video is more
"Nigerian" than "Beautiful Onyinye" and ALL other
Nigerian videos released this year."

"Our own musicians aren't selling the "Nigerian
image" in their videos. It's not up to Rick Ross to sell
a product we shy away from."

"i have to say im grateful that rick ross is putting
nigerian in a different light then some 419 coverage"

You think the video mis-represents nigeria or people are just overreacting?


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