January 3, 2013

"He didn't let wizkid rest" - A backstage crew member recounts backstage experience with Chris Brown

Lilly, one of the backstage crew members at Chris Brown's concert (held in Nigeria last december) recounted her experience while trying to meet up with Chris Brown's super-sized rider (those are sets of requests that artists sets as criteria for performance) requests. Lilly tweeted about Chris Brown's arrival, and how the US R&B star keep looking for Wizkid each time he returns to the backstage.

Lilly who worked in the green room ( for those who don't know, its a room that functions as a waiting room and lounge for performers before and after a performance) tweeted

"...when Chris Brown finally emerged, he went into the production office first to speak with his team, and then straight 2 his green room with @wizkidayo. whenever he didn't see wizkid he would come out with his whole team asking where's wiz? wheres wiz? he didn't let wizkid rest o, it was wizkidd this wizkid that. haa I was so proud of my wiz o. I was proud of the way wizkid comported himself, Chris Brown was the fan and wizkid the artiste lol. the production team had told me to also include wizkid in the green room requirement as Chris Brown had been singing wizkid right from SA. I had been briefed that wizkid might be the only one allowed in the green room with him, wizkid must have his wardrobe sorted as well. because no one was to know, everything wizkid was coded, and it was the Americans and south Africans giving us brief about wizkid. at a point me and @bolaje were wondering if it was a wizkid concert or a Cb concert we were very proud of our own sha. Cb's stylist & @bolajee sorted his wardrobe and when CB asked everything be displayed wiz's was the first he asked for ha na wa o. everytime he got off stage for a change of clothes he would ask for wizkid lol


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